Google GMail Corporation Lottery E-Mails – Facts Analysis

Picture about Google GMail Corporation Lottery E-Mails
Google GMail Corporation Lottery E-Mails


Google Gmail Incorporation
30 Leicester Square. City,London.
Country, United Kingdom.
Postal/Zip Code, WC2H 7LA

Dear Guaranteed Winner:

Your claims verification was received and has been processed by this office.On behalf of the Google Corporation And Rediffmail Lottery we felicitate with you and your family for being one(1) of our thirteen (13) Google /Rediffmail prize winners selected in this Annual promotion sweepstake.

Hence we do believe with your winning prize ,you will continue to be active and patronage to the Yahoo/Msn,rediffmail,gmail,& Microsoft Windows etc.I wish to formally announce to you that you have successfully pass the requirements, statutory obligations, verifications, validations and satisfactory report Test conducted for all on line winners.

A winning cheque has been issued in your name by the Google / Rediffmail Lottery Incorporation board and also a certificate of prize claims and has be sent along side to the UNITED NATIONS OFFICE (LONDON).UNITED KINGDOM. To guide you during the process and remittance of you winning to you because the Google / Rediffmail has placed a seal that all winning must be sent to the United Nations office for direct delivery to our winners by sending their representative diplomat here in london to meet with you personally. Read more..


These kind of e-mails, supposedly from Google Gmail Incorporation, claim that the email recipient won a prize of 500,000.00 GBP in a lottery conducted as a part of their annual lottery promotions. And for the funds to be released and delivered to the winner’s home, the email asks for a clearance charges up to 18,500 INR, which is to be deposited in their bank account. The email asks the winner to respond with their personal details like phone number, home address and photograph, along with the approval to pay the clearance charges.

The message however is a hoax, nothing but just another scam email intended to initiate dialogue with people, trick them and gain financial benefit. There is nothing like Google Gmail lottery or prize money, and definitely is not associated with Rediffmail. These scammers further try and convince email users by sending fake Air flight details of their prize delivery, and also fake emails from customs department of various international airports, requesting to deposit the clearance charges in their bank account. People who receive such fradulent emails are requested not to respond to them. Moreover, it is never a safe idea to share your personal information and bank account details with unknown sources like these as they can easily sell your contact details and also use your identity for fraudulent activities. Beware of such scam emails.

Hoax or Fact:



No Google Gmail lottery

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Prashanth Damarla