IIPM is not a Recognized University by UGC? – Facts Analysis

Picture: IIPM is not a Recognized University by UGC
IIPM is not a Recognized University by UGC


This message was issued in public interest in couple of news papers and was shared on various social networking platforms like Facebook. It says that IIPM, one of the popular universities in Delhi does not hold the status of a University and the degrees offered by it are not recognized by UGC.


IIPM is an institute that offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in various disciplines. Headquarted in Delhi, it has 18 branches across India.

IIPM does not by itself award BBA or MBA degrees because it is not a UGC recognized university. The IIPM students get their MBA/BBA degrees from  Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, which is recognized by UGC. It also offers other executive education programs that include non-credit courses and visits to foreign business schools like International Management Institute in Belgium where students can fetch their BBA or MBA degrees.

UGC has made it clear that IIPM is not a University, and is not entitled to award MBA/BBA/BCA degrees. The public notices were released to grow awareness among students.

Hoax or Fact:



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Prashanth Damarla