Is a Fraud Website?

Picture: Is a Fraud Website?
Is a Fraud Website?

Story: a Fraud Website

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1. is a scam.

2. Shophunk contests are Online Shopping Fraud.


The website is an online shopping platform that also holds various contests trying to reach much audience. There are many complaints about their online shopping service, so let us look into those details.


Shophunk is an online shopping portal that often holds various contests to reach more audience. Presenting itself as India’s most economical shopping platform, the website also lures people with unbelievable contests – selling electronic and other products at very low prices.

Their Contests

From their claims as illustrated in Image below, holds a lucky draw every month. The contest comprises of electronic and other products at very low prices. The product in the contest is often offered with another free product. You can see an example of their contest here. The interested users are required to join the contest by paying the set amount of money. The company says that they choose 15 lucky winners through a lucky draw, who will be informed by email. The other participants of the contest will get their money back as credit points, using which they can buy any products on their portal. Shophunk has been promoting these contests through emails and also on social media sites.

Picture: Is a Fraud Website?
Is a Fraud Website?


From the Whois information of the site, the domain is registered on 13 Oct. 2012 and the expiration date, as of this writing, is 13 Oct, 2015. The registrant name is private and the Admin address is located in Arizona, United States — while the company address is associated to Seajin Technology pvt Ltd. in Bangalore, India. It has a customer care number 080-67683698 that is not toll-free. Notably, they do not have an automated online ‘contact us’ page. gives Shophunk a Low Trust Rating and High Risk of use, and also points five other websites on the same server that again have low trust rating –,,, and

The domain in fact belongs to the Seajin Technology pvt Ltd., a company providing E-Commerce and E-Marketing solutions. The company lists Svaiza, Shophunk and as their products.

More Issues

We have seen many online complaints against, about their regular online shopping service, and their contests, which also include inefficient delivery of products, poor customer care service, and also delivery of fake products as mentioned in this video. Moreover, we did not find any evidence that regularly chooses 15 lucky people in their monthly contest draws and prizes the winners.

When we tried to contact Shophunk through their official contact email, we could not deliver our message, as their email server bounced it back. We also tried to talk to their customer care executives at 080-67683698, but we were kept on hold for a long time, with an automated message saying all the agents are busy on another call. Two other lines providing information about their contests and sales were open nevertheless.

Considering the available information, we advise users to be cautious with and their contests, for they appear more like marketing tricks to sell their products, and perhaps even to scam people. When you choose to shop online through a website, make sure to check its credibility and whether it is established or not. And when people/companies come up with low price offers or contests like this, also be sure to check the terms and conditions clearly.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of hoax and facts.

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