Join Illuminati to Get Rich, Famous and Powerful: Scam Messages

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Join Illuminati to Get Rich, Famous and Powerful - Scam Messages



Are you a politician, business man/woman, musical artiste, student, footballer or whatever occupation you do, and you want to be rich, powerful and famous in life.

Illuminati will grant you all your heart desire..Illuminati will support you both financially and materially to ensure you live a comfortable life..

Anyone interested in joining the Illuminati contact Mr xxx on via email: xxxx @ xxxx. com or WhatsApp and call No xxx for Immediately initiation.

Other Versions

HELLO viewer am here to share my testimony on how I finally join the Illuminati hood and became RICH,FAMOUS AND POWERFUL, I tried all my possible best to become a member of the hood but I was scam several times, before I finally come across a testimony on net so I contacted the agent, I was so afraid that he will ask me for lot of money before I can join the hood but to my greatest surprise he only ask me to obtain the membership form which I did and today am so happy to say to the world that am one of the richest by having the sum of $360 millions dollars in my personal account as a new member and am also known all over the world with the business given to me by the Illuminati and also have power to do that which I want……

I know so many people may be on my lane also looking for help Whats-app No. xxxx or call No. xxxx

Fact Check:

Various messages in wide circulation online offer people to Join Illuminati, the secret society, to Get Rich, Famous and Powerful. While many believe it is just a conspiracy theory, some think Illuminati is a secret organization of power-brokers who control the society and world events. Theories about the Illuminati secret society have been around since centuries. We have seen the messages in question circulate through emails, instant messages, social media posts and also as testimonies. Do not fall for them, these messages offering you to Join Illuminati are part of an ongoing scam, where many people have lost money.

Join Illuminati to Get Rich?

The concept of Illuminati, as a secret society controlling world, has a strong footprint in some people’s minds. Allegedly, elite and powerful people are part of it. So, online criminals and cyber thieves have been exploiting the idea to loot gullible people. They contact people with various messages mentioning they will get rich, famous and powerful when they join Illuminati. We have seen message comments on social media posts appearing as testimonies of people who have joined the ‘secret society’. They provide contact details like email or phone number. They also approach people chatting through instant message services like WhatsApp and Messenger.

Do you want to join Illuminati where we will be paying you the sum of $100,000 usd if yes get back to us now for more information.

Couple of Scam Incidents Asking to Join Illuminati

In November 2018, a South Carolina man was approached by an ‘Illuminati organization’ to join their group. In order to join the elite group, they said the man only had to make a down payment of $250. After wiring some more money through Western Union, the elderly man changed his mind and called law enforcement. The man said he was given false information and they stole his money.

On the other hand, spam emails with titles like ‘Invitation to the Great Illuminati‘ are also popular. The scammers operate in contact with gullible victims who respond to the mails. They establish ways to steal money from them, like for Illuminati National Identity ID Card. During the process, they convince victims mentioning Illuminati’s ‘secret’ terms and conditions, offering their ‘investigative toolkit’ for success in all fields.

So, we advise people not to fall for these scam messages asking you to join Illuminati. Instead of making you rich, famous and powerful, the scammers involved end up stealing your money.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Scam.

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