Marlboro Giving Away Free Cigarette Cartons on Anniversary: Scam

Picture Suggesting Marlboro Giving Away Free Cigarette Cartons on Anniversary
Marlboro Giving Away Free Cigarette Cartons on Anniversary


Marlboro is Giving FREE Carton of Cigarettes to celebrate 100th Anniversary (150 Carton Remaining)
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Other Versions

1. Marlboro is giving away 10 Free Cigarette Carton to celebrate 110th Anniversary
Get yours here – (2) per person

2. Get-a-Free Marlboro Cigarette Carton to celebrate 144th Birthday
Get yours here – (1) per person

Fact Check:

Since at least 2015, various posts appearing on the social networking site Facebook appear with the claim that the well-known cigarette manufacturing company, Marlboro is giving away free cigarette cartons to consumers to celebrate their 100th/110th/144th birth anniversary. To get the same, users are asked to click and follow the post-link. Beware, Marlboro is not giving away any cigarette cartons on Facebook, it’s a Scam!

Firstly, Marlboro celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2005, so there’s no sense in saying it is celebrating 100 or more years and giving away free cartons of cigarettes. Marlboro may occasionally give away free Cigarettes/Coupons to its consumers, but being a tobacco product, it is unlikely they can promote it or give away the cartons on a popular social networking site like Facebook.

Marlboro Free Cigarette Scam

We have seen many similar claims on Facebook in the past, like Apple Giving away Free iPhone and Free Starbucks Coffee Gift Cards/Vouchers. The current stories also appear on Facebook with various deceptive domains. It is in fact a typical scam on Facebook to trick unsuspecting users. Some users clicked and followed the various links through the Facebook posts. They ended up on other websites either offering series of surveys that can gather personal information, or third party advertisements, bogus software or even malware. In some cases, the users were also asked to share the link with certain number of Facebook friends before they can get their free cartons of Marlboro cigarettes.

So, the posts/coupons circulating on social media sites like Facebook, which promise free cartons of Marlboro cigarette are hoaxes – they are in fact part of scam. You won’t get a free smoke.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Scam.

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Prashanth Damarla