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Maruti Suzuki India Ltd - Direct Recruitment Offer


Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. (MSIL)
Head Office Maruti Suzuki,
India Limited Nelson Mandela Road,
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070.
Board no.46781000.

Dear applicant;

We are in receipt of your email, Be informed that you will be required to make the security deposit payment so that we can be send your offer letter also you need to show the scan copy of the deposit slip and offer letter at the gate in-other to be allowed into the company compound for the interview by our security. You are required to pay the refundable interview security deposit to this below account before 04th of November 2011 in-other to attend the Interview on the 6th November 2011. As soon as the payment is made, please kindly send us the payment slip through email for confirmation as it will help us facilitate the documents for the ticket and other requirement for the preparation of your interview date.
Be informed that the account given to you is the Senior HRD Account Number that is been used for this direct recruitment in Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. The reason for that is because such an amount will be refunded back to applicants immediately after the interview and that is the reason we are not using the Company Bank Account. Do ensure it’s a cash payment so that you can send the scan copy of the deposit slip for verification by our account department and also to enable us return it back to you immediately the interview is over.

Below are the account details for payment:
Account Name: Bendangsenla
Account NO: 20108223960
Bank: SBI

Reasons of payment : The refundable payment of 16,200 rupees is to make sure that you will be coming for the interview in other for us not to lose in sending you the flight ticket because this company will be responsible for your accommodation and after the interview, your amount will be return to you in cash, the ticket that is to be sent to you is a Two way ticket and even if you are not selected your security deposit will still be return to you.

Your Resume has been selected from JOB SEEKER`S CV SUBMMITION CENTER for our new job recruitment.Our Company selected 62 Candidate.
1) Business Manager
2) Associate Business Manager
3) Marketing Manager
4) Civil Engineer
5) Associate Marketing Manager
6) Chef De Parties
7) Electronics and Technical Engineer
8) Electronics and Network Engineer
9) Associate Account Officer
10) Front Desk Supervisor
11) F & B Manager
12) Customer Relation Officer
13) Housekeeping Executive / Assistant
15) Front Office / Guest Relations Executive / Manager

It is our pleasure to inform you that your Resume was short listed as one of the 62 candidates selected for the interview.

Shinzo Nakanishi
Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director,


This has been one of the most popular online scams, emails offering direct recruitment in popular companies like Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. These forwarded emails lure the email recipients with various job offers across India, convincing them that they are genuine agencies who can fetch them great jobs with high salaries. Some of these emails also come with lottery prizes. You can find some of them in the complaint section of consumer court in the reference section. All these are simply hoax emails, the only intention of which is to cheat people, grab their personal contact details, bank information and collect money from them.

These emails first target the email users with attractive job offers in good positions in reputed companies like Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. They convince people to respond to their emails. Once they respond, they are asked to pay some money as a security deposit or something, giving their bank account details. An example email response is given below:

Dear applicant;

We are in receipt of your email, Kindly go to the bank and make the payment with the below account details.
Below are the account details for payment:

Account Name: Bendangsenla
Account NO: 20108223960
Bank: SBI
City: New Delhi
Bank Branch: Sackect

Needless to say, all these bank accounts are maintained by fraud people, in various names, banks and places. Maruti Suzuki has also issued a public notice about this fraud job offer, asking people to be cautious of such fraud emails. People are advised not to respond to these emails and avoid becoming prey to such online frauds.

Hoax or Fact:



Maruti Suzuki Direct Recruitment Fraud E-mails
Maruti Suzuki Pubic Notice

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