Part Time Ad Posting Work, Earn up to $4000 USD – Facts

Picture about Part Time Ad Posting Work, Earn up to $4000 USD
Part Time Ad Posting Work, Earn up to $4000 USD


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Part Time Work – Copy Paste Work, earn up to $4000.00 USD Referral link to

Picture about Part Time Ad Posting Work, Earn up to $4000 USD
Part Time Ad Posting Work, Earn up to $4000 USD


The message is one of the many formats from website circulating on various social networking and free classified websites that claim to offer part time work at home opportunity to earn easy money online. Although the website boasts of a simple work that fetches large money gains, it is simply one of those scam websites that won’t pay!

The website claims to offer work at home money making opportunity by simple ad posting work. The domain name information is currently locked, registered on 11 August 2012 and does not show up much contact information. In order to check its authenticity, when we joined the website, the registration was complete without any email verification. Once we logged in, we could only see the promotional referral link asking us to market it on social networking and other classified ad websites. As such, there was no work available, only some ad posting text templates that again promote their website. The payment pattern they claim is too good to believe:

You post 100 ads / day, 100×20 = 2000 ads / month
Each ad receives about 20 visitors / month: 40,000 visitors / month
We pay for every visitor who came through your link for $ 0.10 USD
During the month you can receive up to 40,000 visitors, so you will earn up to $ 4000.00 USD

The 10 cents per link payment for one visitor to your ad posted does not sound genuine. Moreover, the payment mode is through PayPal, which shall supposedly be paid after 30 days following the monthly earnings when you reach the payment threshold of $300. Does not sound genuine again! There are no credible online records to validate that people who joined the website are actually paid.

Even the website from WordPress is not greatly designed; after we logged in, we did not see log out menu option. So all these factors conclude to saying that is a “work at home” scam designed to generate traffic and ad revenue through referrals, it does not pay its members! We have also found another very similar scam website that works on same lines, the domain name information of which is hidden.

We advise people to be careful with such easy online money making schemes that mostly come as work at home opportunities.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and a Scam.

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