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PayPal - Your Credit Card Information Has Changed


Subject: Your credit card information has been changed!
Your credit card information has been changed.
On December 25, 2011, your credit card has been removed from your PayPal account.
You are receiving this email notification because this email address is listed as the administrative contact email for your PayPal account. If you believe this is an error, click the link below, log in to your PayPal account and follow the instructions.
Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response.
PayPal Email ID PP8116

Other Versions

1. Hello,

We’re writing regarding your order 403-0840505-3049943 from PayPal.
Your card payment for the above transaction could not be completed.
A card provider will often decline an attempt to charge a card if the card number,
expiry date, CVV, Verified By Visa / MasterCard 3-D Secure password or billing address
Pin/Zip code (for American Express cards) you entered does not exactly match their information.
Valid payment information must be received within 2 days, otherwise your order will be cancelled.

Here’s a <Link> to verification details just for you. And to remind you again, these changes take effect March 12, 2015, so you donot have much time to review.

As always, if you need help or have any questions, give us a call or go to our Help Center. You can find the link on any page of our website.
Thank you for being a PayPal customer.

2. Our systems detected that your account was used for unauthorized transactions. We are currently reviewing it.
Your account has been assigned a case number:

Case number: 3242342

We have added extra information about your account .
Please follow the link bellow to proceed:

<Click Here>

Our Customer Verification and Compliance Teams will do their best to respond to your request within one business day.

The Paypal Customer Verification and Compliance Teams


Emails supposedly coming from PayPal claim that the recipient’s credit card has been removed from his/her PayPal account, and so he has to follow the link in the email to update his information and sort out the issue. As shown in other versions of the story above, there are also emails claiming your PayPal transaction could not be completed, or that it was unauthorized, and your account information has to be reviewed.

Though they carry a genuine looking PayPal logo, these emails do not originate from official PayPal ID. It is a phishing attempt from cyber criminals to gather secure information from the users. The PayPal users who fall for this scam are taken to a website that looks similar to the PayPal, where they were asked to enter their personal information like name, address, contact details, driver’s licence as well as credit card information.

Do not fall for such insecure emails, always login to your PayPal account by entering the PayPal address into your web browser to avoid any such scams. PayPal states strict guidelines to save you from such fraudulent activities. Read the reference section for complete PayPal guidelines and details to keep your account safe from such scams.

Hoax or Fact:



PayPal Guidelines

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