Rare & Holy Hanumadh Beera Leaves in Srisailam Forest: Fact Check

Image about Rare & Holy Hanumadh Beera Leaves in Srisailam Forest
Rare & Holy Hanumadh Beera Leaves in Srisailam Forest


Rare & Holy Hanumadh Beera Leaves:

In this video watch closely the leaves. You will find two hanuman pics on both sides. These leaves are available in srisailam forest which is not available anywhere in the world.

The trees are known as hanumadh beeram.

Amazing nature.

Jai sri ram………

Other Versions

1. Hanuman beera tree Hanuman Pathri

A Holy Hanuman Beer tree, hanuman Beer vruksh, Hanuman patri, Leaves with hanuman images

2. The leaf is naturally born with hanuman figure this is very very great, the hanumadha vruksha tree in NALLAMALLA forest

3. The rare Hanumadha Vruksha

On the depicted image of a tree leaf you may observe the image of Lord Hanuman. This rare tree called Hanumadhiram is believed to be found only in Srisailam forest in Andhra Pradesh.

Fact Check:

Various pictures, messages and videos in circulation online since many years purport to show Rare & Holy Hanumadh Beera Leaves in Srisailam Forest. They claim to show the leaves on rare Hanumadha Vruksha (tree) found in Nallamala forest have natural imprints of Hindu Lord Hanuman. So, let us examine whether the unusual claims are authentic or if it is part of a scam.

About Hanumadh Beera Leaves

The claims in question are doing rounds online through social media, YouTube videos and also through WhatsApp forwards. There are many videos showing Hanumadh Beera leaves and plants with the natural imprints of the popular Hindu deity. It’s a fact some plants develop natural imprints in different designs because of some kind of fungus formation or disease. However, if the claims in question were true, it would have garnered much attention of devotees and even scientific examination from government officials. There are no such credible reports.

Hints of Scam

The oldest of such videos available online is from October 2012 when a YouTube user siva prasad showed the ‘leaf of hanumadha vruksha‘. Notably, his YouTube channel carries just this video without any other videos or information. Consequently, many people on YouTube claimed to be having the rare & holy Hanumadh Beera plant and/or leaves, willing to sell them to interested buyers. We have seen such leaves are sold even on Amazon – for good price. Some people on YouTube platforms said the leaves cost 10,000 Indian rupees.

On the other hand, notice the leaves in separate are not quite in their usual green color.  The ‘Hanumadh Beera Leaves’ rather look artificial on plants (see the picture above). Moreover, observe in the two videos below, not all leaves on the plants have the ‘natural’ imprints of Hanuman.

Some of them have other natural marks on leaves, which can in fact develop due to some fungus kind of formation or any disease effecting the leaves. For example, see the picture of Sacred fig leaf (Ficus religiosa) below effected with somewhat similar disease. Note, the marks on other leaves on plants in the videos are not in proper shape. It’s not difficult to imprint an artificial mark of the Hindu deity Hanuman on the leaves and then let them dry to give it an impression of natural formation. Also note, in most cases, the heart shape leaves having two sections carry a similar print on either sides. It’s possible to stamp the mark on one section and replicate the same on the other side by just folding the leaf.


So, the pictures and videos showing natural formation of Hindu deity Hanuman image on Hanumadh Beera leaves is part of a scam for monetary gains. It is also possible someone printed the deity on such leaves as a mark of devotion and scammers later exploited the idea with an intention of cashing on belief of Hanuman devotees.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Scam.

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Prashanth Damarla