Samsung Free Phones to Students for Online Classes: Fact Check

Image about Samsung Giving Phones to Students' Online Classes
Samsung Giving Phones to Students' Online Classes


HELLO EVERYONE!! All students should enter here and apply for SAMSUNG PHONES to attend online classes because of this pandemic period, SAMSUNG is ready to give away 5000 phones to students to be attending online classes.


Comment a lot of “me” to have a big chance to win!!

No Scammer Please Let’s Help!! ❤️❤️

Then Come inbox! via “SEND MESSAGE” button bellow With the Screenshot!

Fact Check:

A message doing rounds widely on Facebook claims Samsung is giving away 5000 free Phones to Students attending online classes during COVID-19 pandemic. The message starts with saying students attending online classes in Coronavirus pandemic period should apply for the free phones. To avail the free phone, the message asks users to comment a lot of ‘me’ on the post and share the screenshot of it in their inbox via ‘send message’ button. Do not fall for the scam – it is not true.

About the Facebook Posts – Samsung Giving Students Free Phones for Online Classes

There are no credible news reports suggesting Samsung or any other Company is giving away 5000 free phones to students attending online classes during pandemic. Because of the giveaway claims, the message in question is shared on many Facebook groups. Some Facebook users also copied the message onto their walls. Consequently, we saw lot of users commenting on the posts on some such pages and sending the screenshots.

Couple of women who tried commenting on one such post and sent a message of its screenshot revealed the page is operated by a scammer. They posted screenshot of the response from the page admin asking the women to send their private photos to get a free Samsung S10 phone. To avail free phone, the cyber criminals also present other links in the name of registration or other to scam unsuspecting users.

In many cases of these pages, we see they are deleted later on and the scam links shall also expire after sometime. So, the Facebook posts are just part of scam and the claims of phone giveaways are not true. Do not get carried away with such tall claims, do not give away any of your personal information. Always check if the source is valid and the claims are authentic or not.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Scam.

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