Shocking Video: Anaconda Eats Woman Alive : Scam

Picture about Shocking Video, Anaconda Eats Woman Alive
Shocking Video, Anaconda Eats Woman Alive



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(Warning: Content in this article may be disturbing for some audience. Viewer discretion advised)

The story, circulating heavily on Facebook, claims to show a shocking video of a Woman being Eaten Alive by an Anaconda. It isn’t a fact; the story is a scam that keeps spreading on Facebook.

About Claim

The story appears on Facebook as a snapshot of image showing a woman being eaten alive by an anaconda and comes with a clickable title linked to other webpages. In majority of the cases, the website hosting the video is a faux Facebook page — to convince (deceive) the user that such a video does exist. Scammers usually use unauthorized websites to share all such fake stories, as shown in the screenshot of root directory of one such website below.

Screenshot of folders on scam website
Screenshot of folders on scam website
Screenshot of fake Facebook page
Screenshot of fake Facebook page

How the Scam Works

When the Facebook user clicks on the post and tries to play the video in the hosting site, he is asked to share the video link first before viewing the video. Once the video is shared on user’s Facebook profile, he will be redirected to other marketing and promotional stuff – without any such video. They can also install rogue Facebook apps and download malicious software. In some cases, we have observed the user is taken to a fake video in Spanish titled ‘She is living food for an Anaconda‘ (translated) shown in the video below.

Picture about Shocking Video, Anaconda Eats Woman Alive
Shocking Video, Anaconda Eats Woman Alive

The first part of the video mostly shared on YouTube in ‘Entertainment’ category is a fake video clip as can be seen in the video below. It appears like CGI, where both the woman and snake are not real. The Spanish video cleverly uses this footage and adds pictures from other unrelated incident(s) where an Anaconda of 4 meters (around 13 feet) swallowed a Capybara. You can watch that video here. Moreover, the thumbnail image shown in the Facebook post is a photoshopped picture of yet another python eating a pregnant sheep.

In Short

In short, the scammers put together various unrelated incidents of giant snakes into a video and fabricated the story that a woman was eaten alive by anaconda – to gain from potential victims on Facebook. If you have fallen prey to it, you can delete the Facebook activity (and posts) from your profile, and if you have installed any rogue Facebook apps, you can delete them from Apps section in your Account Settings. Be warned, scammers often come up with unbelievable stories like this to deceive the unsuspecting users.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax, and a Scam.

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Prashanth Damarla