SMS Reply to Verify SBI Account Mobile Number: Scam

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SMS Reply to Verify SBI Account Mobile Number


Latest modus operandi of frauds

Friends : Be careful

Dear Customer, mobile no. for your SBI account XXXXX619477 is 9867677467 as per our records. If mobile no. is correct, please send sms “MOBILE YES” to 9223040040. Otherwise, please send reply as “MOBILE NO”.

This is another modus operandi of frauds. Pls do not reply. SBI never send this type msgs.

For your information and tell your family & friends.

Facts Analysis:

A message circulating on free messaging app WhatsApp and other social media sites presents an SMS message received by mobile phone users claiming it is a modus operandi of fraudsters targeting to steal money from SBI bank account holders. Yes, it is a fact; State Bank of India (SBI) does not approach their customers through any such SMS for information. The SMS message, therefore, is a scam.

About the SMS to Verify SBI Account

The SMS message in question posing to come from SBI mentions a mobile number for the customer’s account as per their records. If the associated mobile number is correct, the customer is asked to send an SMS “MOBILE YES” to a number 9223040040, or else to send reply as “MOBILE NO”. The story calling the SMS as a modus operandi of fraudsters also appeared on Facebook Group SBI Pensioners Association, Chennai Circle. We have in fact seen some such scam cases relating to SBI debit and credit cards, where the messages, in the form of SMS, Email or Phone call are received by people, some of whom don’t even have SBI account.

Similar Messages

There were various SMS messages, Emails, and phone calls allegedly from SBI Bank’s Customer Service Center which are only means of misleading customers and stealing money from them through internet banking or otherwise. The modus operandi is to steal sensitive banking information, sometimes using Phishing links directing to fake SBI bank’s site. Scammers often lure bank account holders (not just SBI) saying they won a huge amount of money in a lottery. After convincing, they ask them to send some money to release the same.

SBI Warning about the ‘Verify Account’ through SMS

In view of such scams, SBI issued below warning to its customers asking them not to share their confidential banking information:


1. Some fraudsters, imposing as SBI officials from ATM/Card services are making hoax calls to our customers and asking for their confidential information such as ATM Card no./ATM PIN/CVV no. This information is solely used to cheat the customers in the name of ATM card expiry renewal, data validation, job offers, prize, lottery winning and for other illicit purpose.

2. We advise that SBI NEVER makes phone calls, sends e-mails/SMS asking customers to disclose their personal or security information such as username, password, one time SMS password, Card/PIN/CVV no.

3. Customers are advised in their own interest not to disclose any confidential information related to their Account no., ATM card, PIN, TPIN, CVV no. over phones/SMS/ e-mails, no matter how convincing / appealing such calls, mails are. These are attempt to fraudulently withdraw money from your accounts. Forward such instances to

The current random SMS message appears to target vulnerable SBI account holders, who shall confirm their mobile number through reply. Then the scammers will approach them further to convince and steal banking information and their money ultimately. So, do not to reply to the messages and not to share any of your banking or personal information. In case you have given away any such information, you should change your security passwords and consult bank officials immediately.

Hoax or Fact:

Fact, Scam.

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Prashanth Damarla