SMS – Your Mobile Number has Won Huge Amount of Money – Facts Analysis

Picture about SMS - Your Mobile Number has Won Huge Amount of Money
SMS - Your Mobile Number has Won Huge Amount of Money


Example 1:

“You have won $5000,000 in the on-going Coca-Cola 2012 Int’l Draw Promo. To claim prize, send your details to online admin via email: cocacola_draw123[@]”

Sender: +918285863261

Example 2:

Airtel UK: Your call number has won £ 500,000GBP in UK Airtel mobile draw. To claim, send your name mobile no, mail id, sex, address, occup. to via[@]

Sender: +919871612389

Example 3:

Congats!: Your Mobile Number has won £ 500,000 IN Nokia PROMO to Claim your prize Send ur Name, Address, Mobile No Bank Account Details Email: nokia1claimuk[@]

Sender: +918802949511


Several Mobile users have been receiving messages like these through SMS. The summary of all these messages is same, it says that the mobile number or user has won a huge amount of money, of the order of 5000,000 dollars, pounds, or sometimes sterlings in some lottery or promotional event of high reputation companies like that of Coca cola, Airtel, Nokia, Microsoft and several other branded companies. The messages further ask the user to claim their prize by calling them or sending all their personal details to the email address mentioned in the SMS.

However, there is no prize or money won by you or your mobile number, and the lottery or promo mentioned in these messages does not exist. All these are scammers whose motive is to lure you, communicate with you, get your personal details and then gain financial benefit from you, in the name of claiming your prize that does not exist. Genuine lotteries or promotional events do not function in this way. Mobile users have to be careful with such scams. Note that such scam messages used to circulate through emails earlier, and now, the scammers are targeting the mobile users as well.

If you receive any such SMS messages on your mobile, be careful not to reply or contact the scammers in any way.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla