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Test and Keep an iPad for Free


Test and Keep an iPad Free

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Picture about Test and Keep an iPad for Free
Test and Keep an iPad for Free


Various messages in the form of picture advertisements, Facebook posts, also photo tagging users, claim to offer a free test and win iPad. Not just these picture advertisements, these messages are also circulating through videos and social networking pages like Facebook. These are not genuine offers, they are in fact scams intended to lure people and gain access to their personal and private information, also spamming other users through their marketing tactics.

As the messages suggest, generally one cannot simply test and keep an iPad for free, and as many other messages suggest, Apple will not generally give away iPads for free. These advertisements are scams that are going around since few years. Once the user visits such sites, they will see false messages, like there are only few iPads left to win, and will be cleverly misled to enter their personal data. Further more, they will be asked to promote their referral link and earn points to improve their chances of winning the iPad. Unaware of this scam, users become spammers by themselves and share these false advertisements. These websites will generally be illegitimate, some of which will even employ phishing tactics, while most of them also lead to many surveys and marketing offers.

The scammers take unfair advantage of the interest and anticipation of people over iPads, especially the newer versions, and they use social media for their bulk marketing. These scam messages are similar to the ones in the past which said Facebook and Walmart are offering $1000 Christmas gift card. Users are advised to be careful with such contests and offers, also while clicking unknown links.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and a scam.


Free iPad Scams Steer Users to Bad Sites

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Prashanth Damarla