Update Your Apple Account Phishing Scam

Picture about Update Your Apple Account Phishing Scam
Update Your Apple Account Phishing Scam


Dear Apple Customer, To get back into your apple account, you’ll need to confirm your account. It’s easy: Click the link below to open a secure browser window. Confirm that you’re the owner of the account and then follow the instructions.

< Link >

Before log in your account will be Confirmed, let us know right away.
Reporting it is important because it helps us prevent fraudsters from stealing your information.
Yours sincerely, apple.

The Apple Team

Please do not reply to this email. It was sent from an email address that cannot accept incoming messages.

Other Versions

Dear Customer,

We inform you that your account is about to expire in less than 48 hours, it is imperative to conduct an audit of your information to this, otherwise your session using your Apple ID and password.

< Link >

Why you email he sent?
The sending of this email applies when the expiry date of your account expires,

For more information, see Question and Answers.
thank you,
Support Client Delivery Apple

Picture: Update Your Apple Account Phishing Scam Email
Update Your Apple Account Phishing Scam Email


The above emails, also in various other forms, claim to be from Apple support and request the recipient to confirm, renew or update their Apple account information by logging in through a link mentioned within the email. These are not official emails from Apple, the stories they claim are hoax, and these are basically Phishing attempts to steal Apple account information of the recipient.

Screenshot of the Scam Process
Screenshot of the Scam Process

These phishing scam messages come in the disguise of a genuine Apple support email, informing the recipients that they must click a link to confirm their Apple account and regain access to their account. These emails are NOT sent by Apple, they are from cyber criminals tricking the user into giving away his Apple account details and other personal information.

Screenshot of the Scam Process
Screenshot of the Scam Process

Those who fall for this phishing scam and click the link in the email will be taken to a bogus website that appears like that of Apple. See the screenshots in image section below. The account information and other personal information submitted in the fake website can be harvested by criminals to compromise or hack their Apple and other associated accounts, and they can also commit other fraud using your credit cards and identity information.

Screenshot of the Scam Process
Screenshot of the Scam Process

So whenever you get such emails, be careful not to click the links or open attachments that come with them. Never give away your personal account information through email. Always login to your Apple account by entering the website address in your browser or via a genuine Apple application like iTunes.

Reports suggest that there has been dramatic increase in cyber criminal activities to steal Apple IDs and account information by creating fraudulent phishing sites. This is because the Apple ID is Apple’s all-encompassing account that plugs into the company’s many other services from retail sites like the iTunes Store and Apple Store, also to its productivity services like iWork and iCloud. So stealing a user’s Apple ID will be a great incentive for the cyber criminals. So be careful when you get any such email. On their official website, Apple has in fact given its users clear instructions on how to deal with such phishing scam emails, which you can read from reference section below.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax, and a Phishing Scam.


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