WhatsApp Version 4.0 Download Invite Message: Fact Check

Picture of WhatsApp Version 4.0 Download Invite Message
WhatsApp Version 4.0 Download Invite Message


Wow, Finally most awaited Whatsapp version 4.0 has been released , Now With Whatsapp version 4.0 you can enjoy lots of new features like Video calling, Check who saw our whatsapp dp and status,Send more than 10 pics at once ,sticker and theme support ,free sms ,Delete message in both sides ,encrypted texts etc. You can install whatsapp version 4.0 only with invite.I am inviting you now. Download and install whatsapp 4.0 safely at < link >

Fact Check:

The story circling in various versions on WhatsApp claims that the free messaging platform has released version 4.0 with lots of new features like video calling, stickers, theme support and also the option to delete encrypted texts on both sides. The story comes with a link for user to download and install the WhatsApp Version 4.0, which as a matter of fact is a part of scam.

As of this writing, WhatsApp does not provide Version 4.0 and the message is not a genuine update notification. The message is similar to old hoax and scam stories that asked users to Try WhatsApp Calling feature and that WhatsApp has launched free ‘Ultra-Light Wifi Feature’. Upon clicking the link in the message the user will certainly be asked to forward the invite to certain number of WhatsApp friends before he can download the ‘most awaited WhatsApp Version 4.0’. The message is a scam designed to trick user into spamming his WhatsApp friends and then stealing personal information through suspect survey websites. The scammers, whose intention is to earn money, can also mislead the mobile users into downloading malware.

So, do not click the links that come with the messages. You will not get to download any ‘Version 4.0’ of WhatsApp. Always get WhatsApp updates from the official app store on your mobile device. Alternatively, you can also visit the download page of WhatsApp website. It will direct you to an authentic download site suitable for your device.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Scam.

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Prashanth Damarla