Workers Rights to Get 80000 Rupees from EPFO India: Fact Check



The Workers who worked between the 1990 and 2019, have the rights to Get the benefits of 80000 rupees by EPFO of INDIA. Check if your name is in the list of the people who have the rights to withdraw this benefit: < Link >

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1990 से 2018 के बीच काम करने वाले वर्कर्स को ईपीएफओ से 80 हजार रुपए का फायदा लेने का अधिकार है। लिस्ट में चेक कीजिए आपका नाम’ < Link >

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Fact Check:

People are receiving various messages on WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms claiming workers who worked between 1990 and 2019 have the rights to get benefits of 80000 rupees from EPFO of India. Saying so, the messages ask the recipient to check if his name is in the list of beneficiaries by following a link. Do not get carried away with the claims, they are not real and part of a scam.

Workers Do Not Get 80000 Rupees from EPFO

EPFO is Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation, a central-owned Social Security Organisation in India. However, there are no credible reports about such long-term workers getting monetary benefits from EPFO of India. Media reports cautioned public the messages in circulation are in fact part of a scam trying to steal personal information and money from unsuspecting people. The accompanying links take users to dodgy websites mimicking EPFO website and try to steal their personal information. Once they get in touch with the person, either they steal money with false claims of some initial fee/tax or manage to take their bank details for stealing money. Note, the official website of EPFO is, and the public organization has even posted an Alert message about the scam on their homepage.

In late October 2019, EPFO has warned public about such scams on Twitter. It also posted the screenshots of one such phony website. It used an image on top mimicking the homepage of EPFO website, carrying the scam questionnaire ‘survey’ below.

The scammers seem to have exploited related news from 2017 about loyalty-cum-life benefits. Accordingly, retirement fund body EPFO’s subscribers will get loyalty-cum-life benefit of up to Rs 50,000 at the time of retirement for contributing to the scheme for 20 years or more.

Old Scam, Even in South Africa

The messages in question circulated in India earlier in 2018 also in similar format. Moreover, they appeared in South Africa in the name of “benefits by Department of Labour of South Africa“.

Image of Facebook post showing Similar old story in South Africa
Image of Facebook post showing Similar old story in South Africa

In response, the Department of Employment and Labour in South Africa cautioned public not to part ways with hard-earned cash. They clarified the scam keeps resurfacing and circulating on social media promising citizens a payout of R30000. The scammers create a fake Departmental website, the link of which accompany the messages. So, they warned public not to share their vital personal information on such dodgy websites.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Scam.

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Prashanth Damarla