Your SBI Card Blocked for Fraud Usage, Call Immediately: Scam

Picture about Your SBI ATM, Debit Card Blocked Due to Fraud Usage, Call 080-3951-0674 Immediately
Your SBI ATM, Debit Card Blocked Due to Fraud Usage, Call 080-3951-0674 Immediately




Dear Customer your ATM/Debit card is Blocked due to fraud usage, call 080-3951-0674 Immediately to unblock.

Fact Check:

Since past few days in March 2017 many mobile users in India were receiving the aforementioned SMS warning them that their State Bank of India ATM/Debit card is Blocked due to fraud usage, and that they have to call the number 080-3951-0674 immediately to unblock the same. Although some people fell victim for this SMS warning message, the claim is a hoax and a scam in fact.

About the SBI Card Blocked Scam

The bulk SMS warning was sent from a number MD-659159 that appears official, and some people believed in it also because True Caller information showed the number 080-3951-0674 mentioned in it has been registered with the name Bank. The phone number 080-3951-0674 is reported as spam by many users. Some people, however, thought the message is coming from State Bank of India and called back the call centre number. They were asked their banking/card information like secured PIN. Reports say that some such people who gave away their secured banking information had their money stolen from their accounts later.

Victims of the SMS have complained the fraud case to police and bank officials as well. Officials from State Bank of India have confirmed the number is not related to their bank and appears to be the work of a fraud company. They also mentioned that bank officials do not ask customers for their confidential information on phone. They advised users to be careful with their secured banking information like Credit/Debit card number, CVV number, Card verification number, Expiry date, Password, and Internet Banking Login credentials. In case of doubt, the customers should consult bank officials immediately, and as a safety measure, it is better to change all their passwords frequently. Police officials too issued a message confirming the SMS warning about SBI Card blocked is a hoax and scam.

Increase in Such Scams

After demonetization, digital transactions of money have increased in India. Unfortunately, these scams targeting unsuspecting users have been on rise. Earlier, such scams also functioned, calling suspected victims directly. In the year 2015 too Fake callers from Banks asked users their Credit card details to generate their 3D Secure PINs and steal money via online transactions. Beware; scammers may be targeting other banking customers giving other numbers to contact. If you happen to receive such SMS warnings, do not call the mentioned numbers. Instead, visit your bank branch to inquire directly.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Scam.


Never trust on this msg of fraud call centres
Hoax Messages Viral For Blocking Atm Cards

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