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Picture about A Chinese Boy with Night Vision, Alien Hybrid or Starchild Discovered
A Chinese Boy with Night Vision, Alien Hybrid or Starchild Discovered


Alien Hybrid or Starchild Discovered In China.

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This Chinese boy possesses night vision and eyes that flash when lit upon in the dark, like a cat’s.

Picture of Chinese boy Nong Youhui
Chinese boy Nong Youhui


This message about a Chinese boy named Nong Youhui comes along with a video titled ‘Alien Hybrid Or Starchild Discovered In China? 2012‘. It claims to show that the boy has a peculiar night vision like a Cat, and his strange blue eyes also shine when flashed upon in the dark. The story is partially fact.

About the Video

This video was actually published in 2009 with a title “Man who can see in the dark“, as a complete news report, but it did not gather much attention at that time. Couple of years later, this case generated lot of online interest after YouTube channel of ADG (alien disclosure group) shared ‘a part’ of this video – not showing complete facts. The above video is from ADG channel, with an ‘interesting’ title around Alien and Starchild. The below video shows the full news report – also mentioning the reasons behind the boy’s mysterious vision.

Picture of Nong's sky-blue eyes
Nong’s sky-blue eyes

About the Claims

There were two main claims about Nong Youhui, i.e. the Cat Boy as he is called. His eyes shine in dark like that of a Cat, and that he can see clearly in dark. As you can see, nowhere in the video, or in between examination, the boy’s eyes were shining in dark. After learning that Nong Youhui could in fact see in dark, he was taken to an Ophthalmologist for medical examination of his eyes. As shown in the latter part of second video, it was learnt that Nong lacked pigment cells, which made his eyes Blue, and he also lacked retina pigmentation, which is why he was unable to take bright light of Sun. Retina pigmentation is like the body of a Camera which protects it from over-exposing its film. It was concluded that the Cat Boy Nong Youhui was actually suffering from congenital Ocular Albinism, because of the lack of pigment cells. Now this also explains why Nong’s sky-blue eyes flash blue-green light when illuminated by a flashlight in dark. You can read a somewhat similar case of Blue-Eyed African boy here.

About Night Vision

Many animals have better night vision than humans, and this is because of one or more differences in the morphology and anatomy of their eyes. These include having a larger eyeball, larger lens, larger optical aperture, more rods than cones (or rods exclusively) in the retina, and a tapetum lucidum. Tapetum lucidum is a reflective layer of tissue in the eye, which allows retina to catch more light and thereby contribute to the superior night vision in some animals.

However, humans do not have a Tapetum lucidum, and according to James Reynolds, a Pediatric Ophthalmologist at State University of New York in Buffalo, night vision in humans cannot occur in a single mutation like this. Such a major change will require multiple mutations, which do not happen all at once. According to Reynolds, a functional tapetum in a human would be as absurd as a human born with wings. The Ophthalmologist concludes saying that even if Nong does not have cat eyes, he may have unusually good night vision, possibly because he might have a rod-rich retina to help him in light detection. Cats eyes do have many more rod cells than what we humans have!

The World Record Academy, which is the leading international organization that certifies world records has in fact recognized Nong Youhui – as the First human who can see in the dark, also mentioning that he is nicknamed ‘Cat-Boy’.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially fact.


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