Alexandria’s Genesis, a Rare Genetic Mutation: Facts

Picture about Alexandria’s Genesis, a Rare Genetic Mutation
Alexandria’s Genesis, a Rare Genetic Mutation


Alexandria’s Genesis or violet eyes is considered a genetic mutation that causes the eyes to turn from blue or gray to purple for the following six months. During puberty, the color deepens to a royal or violet-blue purple and remains that way, but will not affect the person’s ability to see. Those that have this mutation are said to never grow pubic, facial, body or anal hair excluding that on the top of their head, ears, eyebrows, eyelashes and noses. Women with this condition are fertile but do not menstruate.

Other Versions

Alexandria’s Genesis (aka people with purple eyes). No body knows if its real, but its pretty cool.

Picture about Alexandria’s Genesis, a Rare Genetic Mutation
Alexandria’s Genesis, a Rare Genetic Mutation


The stories of Alexandria’s Genesis have been quite popular for many years now, describing it as a rare, genetic mutation with fascinating and impressive characteristics that follow after eyes turn Purple. Apart from the features mentioned in the story above, there are also claims that this mutation results in highly evolved immune system that gives the person a long life span (ranging from 130-170 years). There are even stories of the mutation that supposedly date back to several thousands of years in ancient past, and raise questions whether it originated on Earth or from a different place. Let us analyze the facts about this interesting condition, Alexandria’s Genesis.

A Google search for ‘Alexandria’s Genesis’ will show you “answers” type of websites where people discuss whether such a condition (mutation) exists or not. The fascinating condition, as a mutation, is also discussed and shared widely on social sharing sites like In some of these platforms, users have even said the condition exists – without citing any credible source.

Screenshot of the Daria fan fiction article
Screenshot of the Daria fan fiction article

The Truth

The widely discussed fascinating mutation Alexandria’s Genesis actually originated from Daria fan fiction, written by Cameron Miquelon in 1998. Daria is an American animated television series that was broadcasted from 1997 to 2002. Cameron created the fictional posthuman/alien genetic mutation as a fun story, to add a bit of history to the characters of the Daria show. Listed below are the ‘super human’ characteristics of “Alexandria’s Genesis” from the fictional article itself:

Clear, silver-like purple eyes (after 1st birthday; deepen in color until onset of puberty)
No facial or body hair growth beyond what was already there at birth
Dark brown or black hair
Shimmering white skin that resist tanning and burning
Lack of menstruation cycle (in women)
Highly evolved immune system (has been known to resist every disease known to man so far)
Appear 5-20 years younger (after the age of 21, the aging process slows down greatly; it stops completely between the ages of 40-50)
Long life span (ranges from 130-170 years)
Perfect vision
Never overweight (their metabolism prevents the gaining of too much fat [a.k.a., partial lipodystophy])
Well-developed and proportioned bodies
Found mainly in women of Euro-American descent
Women are the primary carriers of the mutation
Children born from mothers with the mutation are also carriers
Mutation remains active generation after generation
Mutation grows stronger generation after generation

Screenshot of Cameron Miquelon article
Screenshot of Cameron Miquelon article

Genetic mutation in humans cannot give rise to such drastic and unrealistic features. After the fictional mutation Alexandria’s Genesis became a popular hoax, the creator Cameron Miquelon explained the fallacy and the truth in detail. In short, she said:

Alexandria’s Genesis is not, was not, and will never be a real thing; it was a silly little back story for someone’s entertaining first draft.

The reason why the ‘unbelievable’ condition has been so popular for years is that the original fan fiction websites are no longer available. It’s funny and strange how such baseless stories keep circulating and resurfacing on internet.

Hoax or Fact:


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