Alien-like Sea Monster with Sharp Teeth, Video: Fact Check

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Alien-like Sea Monster with Sharp Teeth, Video


Horrifying alien-like sea monster with razor-sharp teeth and no eyes

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Horrific Deep-Sea Monster

Fact Check:

A ‘horrifying’ video is circulating widely on social media claiming to show an Alien-like Deep Sea Monster with Sharp Teeth. The short video shows an unusual eel-like fish with two fins, razor-sharp needle-like teeth and no apparent eyes. It also shows the scary creature reacting fiercely to someone poking at it with a rod. So, let us examine the video and find out what the strange creature really is.

‘Sea Monster’ with Sharp Teeth is Eel Goby Fish

In April 2016, a Fisherman in Malaysia, Anuar Pak Tam shared the video of strange creature on Facebook. The baffled fisherman thought it is some kind of Eel fish. Soon, the video showing the scary creature became popular online as a ‘sea monster’ and viewers wondered what it is.

What you see in the video is in fact an Eel Goby fish. There are many types of fish in the species. For example, shown in picture below is Odontamblyopus lacepedii with similar appearance. The video down shows and describes a species of mud-dwelling, elongated gobies.

According to experts, certain types of gobies (goby fish) possess stout, fang-like teeth. The ridges on their body have sensory structures helping them navigate in deep sea darkness or murky, muddy waters. They do have reduced eyes not much of use in their environment.

So, the Alien-like ‘sea monster’ in the video is a real species of Eel goby fish. On the other hand, some animal lovers criticized the creature is struggling for air lying on the ground out of water and someone is poking and troubling it.

Hoax or Fact:

Fact with some misinformation.

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Prashanth Damarla