Amusing Fish Having Lips Like Humans: Fact Check

Image of Amusing Fish Having Lips Like Humans
Amusing Fish Having Lips Like Humans


Amusing Fish Having Lips Like Humans

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Fish with ‘Human Lips’

Fact Check:

Certain pictures shared heavily on social media and image sharing websites purport to show an Amusing Fish Having Lips Like Humans. The juicy Trout Pout caused a stir online and as a matter of fact, the fish looked unreal and photoshopped to many viewers. As explained below, the Fish with ‘human lips’ is a real species and there’s also a short video of it.

Image of Amusing Fish Having Lips Like Humans

Fish Having Lips Like Humans

The fish with unusual mouth became popular online after Instagram user aquamike23 posted a short video if it in February 2018. The video shows protruding lips of the fish in aquarium, the lump of whose mouth looks identical to that of humans. In the video, the fish stares at the camera with its puckered lips before swimming away.

The cute fish belongs to the species Placidochromis Phenochilus and comes from Fish Hut of New Jersey. The rare and uncommon fish species is generally known as White Lips Cichlid or Mdoka White Lips. The fish species usually have somewhat large protruding mouth to collect food and to protect themselves from predators. However, the particular fish in question seems to have the “Botox” kind of lips. If you are still not convinced the amusing fish having lips like humans is real, below is a video showing the species Placidochromis Phenochilus Mdoka. Down below you can also see couple of pictures of similar fishes.

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Meet the fish with the perfect pout thanks to lips that look almost HUMAN

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