Chocolate Going Extinct in 40 Years: Fact Check

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Chocolate Going Extinct in 40 Years


Chocolate going extinct in 40 years

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Scientists Expect Chocolate to Go Extinct by 2050.

Fact Check:

Various stories in circulation online come with a ‘disheartening’ claim of Chocolate Going Extinct in 40 Years. So, let us find out if it is really true.

Chocolate Going Extinct in 40 Years, Really?

On 31st December 2017, Business Insider website came up with a headline story titled “Chocolate is on track to go extinct in 40 years“. Following it, many other news and online outlets went on to report the same. However, the article only mentioned the probability that Cacao plants may disappear as early as 2050, due to warmer temperatures and drier weather conditions. It had more to do with genetic modification efforts of the University of California, Berkeley, and the Mars candy company. The efforts were to make crops survive new challenges in future. Notably, the article content did not even specify extinction of chocolate in coming decades.

Picture of Cacao Plant under study
Cacao Plant under study

New climate changes in coming decades would indeed be tough for cacao plants to adapt. The concern is however not new and well known. Earlier scientific studies have revealed places of cacao growth may become warmer, drier, and less suitable to cultivation in next several decades. Nonetheless, the studies also mentioned the farmers can keep producing our favorite chocolate treat with planning and adaptation.

So, the claim of Chocolate going extinct in 40 years or coming decades is a hoax.

Hoax or Fact:

It is a Hoax.

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