Clouds Fell on Earth From the Sky in Morocco: Video – Fact Check

Picture Suggesting Clouds Fell on Earth From the Sky in Morocco
Clouds Fell on Earth From the Sky in Morocco


Clouds fell from Sky on the Earth’s surface in Morocco. This is the first time something like this has happened. Wow..!!

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1. In Morrocco, clouds fell on earth. First time happened ever. Wow..!!
Watch this video…you won’t get a proper word to describe the situation.
*Amazing Act of Nature* !!!

2. Inexplicable Clouds falling from the Sky, Doukkala, Morocco

Fact Check:

A video in wide circulation online since February 2016 purports to show an amazing act of nature where Clouds are seen falling on the Earth’s surface in Morocco.They say the incident showing inexplicable Clouds falling from the Sky in Doukkala (Morocco) happened for the first time ever. No, as explained below, the claims as such are not facts.

Origin of Video: Clouds Fell from Sky in Morocco

According to Morocco World News website, the video in question was published on YouTube on 3 Feb. 2016 and appeared to show cloud-like shapes covering the ground in the region of Doukkala, Morocco. The strange cloud-like formations cover large areas of the landscape, some being just small wisps, while others being huge. The people who filmed the video said they were amazed by the mysterious substance, and that the cameraman has never seen a similar substance; suggesting he believes the substance is clouds that fell down from the sky.

Because of the unusual appearance and claim, the video was widely shared and discussed on social media ever since. While some viewers said the cloud like formations seen in the video is Government weather manipulation or the result of Chemtrails (a long-running conspiracy claim), others said it could be alien intervention or simply naturally occurring Sea Foam carried by winds. Meteorologists, however, suggested the material is just artificial foam as the ‘clouds’ in the video are unable to settle. Note, unlike sea foam, the artificial foam is pure white. The creation floats in the sky and looks like clouds.

Very Similar Case of Cloud Land

Earlier in mid 2015 too, there surfaced a very similar viral video claiming to show a Cloud flying and then Landing in Kuwait. The incident showing a ‘cloud’ falling in Bida Faris region near the Eastern oasis town of Al-Ain is in fact artificial foam. Perhaps, they made it from some kind of light weight synthetic cotton wool material, which makes excellent clouds. Back then Experts from National Centre for Meteorology and Earthquakes in UAE called it artificial foam and explained Clouds cannot plunge off the sky and fall/settle on the ground. They also added that Clouds do not split when they hit an object and pass through like air. In current case, in certain parts of the video, you can clearly see the piles of artificial foam floating across the road and land form.

Artificial foam has occasional use in ceremonies and other events to create the appearance of clouds. So, the claims showing Clouds falling on Earth from the Sky in Morocco are definitely hoaxes.

Hoax or Fact:



Residents of Moroccan town wake to find streets full of eerie blobs of foam

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