Crayons can Substitute as Candles – Facts Analysis

Picture Suggesting Crayons can Substitute as Candles
Crayons can Substitute as Candles


Crayons can substitute as candles! hmm who would have thought with it being storm season I thought this was awesome info.

Other Versions

Did you know in an Emergency a Crayon will burn for 30 minutes?


This message circulating over internet claims that Crayons can substitute candles in an emergency, and can burn for 30 minutes. It is partially fact.

It is a fact that Crayons can burn like candles, because they are primarily made from paraffin wax, and they also burn slowly, but they are not made for lighting purpose and are not recommended for the same. The video shown below is a test of this claim, burning Crayon as a Candle and checking how long it can light. It was seen that the Crayola Crayon used there lighted for only about 17 minutes.

However, lighting up crayons as candles has its disadvantages, which include:

  • They won’t light up instantly, like candles do.
  • The flame and the light will not be consistent.
  • Depending on the quality of the crayon used, you may get unpleasant to foul smell.
  • The residue of the melted crayon can spill across your room.

So it is not advisable to use crayons as candles. To a related query on their website, the Crayons Company Crayola responded saying the same.
So instead of messing to light up a crayon in an emergency situation and experience the uncomfortable consequences, it is better to stock up few candles – they are safe and easy to use. Also note that kids should be kept away from trying to mess up lighting crayons.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Fact.

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