Creepy Video of Earth Breathing in Forest: Fact Check

Image about Creepy Video of Earth Breathing in Forest
Creepy Video of Earth Breathing in Forest


This Creepy Video Shows The Earth Breathing in Forest

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Dramatic Video of Breathing Forest in Canada

Fact Check:

A creepy video in heavy circulation purports to show the Earth Breathing in Forest of Canada. The dramatic scene seems to show the forest Earth rising and falling as the trees are wobbling and wind is howling. So, let us examine and find out the authenticity of Earth breathing in forest.

Image about Creepy Video of Earth Breathing in Forest

The unusual clip alleging to show the forest earth breathing heavily was shared widely on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On a lighter note, it appears as if the Earth in the forest is doing a deep breathing exercise. The clip went viral on Twitter after Daniel Holland shared it on 20th October – without any sound of the winds.

While many thought the unnatural phenomenon visible in the video could be some kind of Earthquake, some also suggested paranormal forces or ghosts. The fact of the matter, however, is much simpler.

Not Earth Breathing in Forest

The video in question is taken in a forest of Sacre-Coeur, Quebec (Canada) on 16th of October 2018. However, it does not show Earth breathing in forest. Tree surgeon Mark Vanderwouw explains it to The Weather Network saying the inhaling and exhaling of the earth is an optical illusion. But it has nothing to do with the earth breathing, and is caused by extreme weather. “During a rain and windstorm event the ground becomes saturated, ‘loosening’ the soil’s cohesion with the roots as the wind is blowing on a tree’s crown,” Mark Vanderwouw clarified.

So, what you see in the dramatic video is the result of strong winds’ push and pull at the forest floor. In the close shot, we get the illusion as if the forest earth is breathing. When the winds are strong enough, some of the trees could eventually break and topple. Interestingly, such ‘breathing’ forests are not uncommon. Similar incident occurred in Nova Scotia earlier in October 2015, when again viewers thought Earth started breathing.

Earth Started Breathing in Nova Scotia: Video – Fact Check

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Fact.

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