‘Cyclops’ Goat With Only One Eye Born in India: Fact Check

Picture of 'Cyclops' Goat With Only One Eye Born in India
'Cyclops' Goat With Only One Eye Born in India


One eye mutant goat born in India baffling villagers

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Fact Check:

Several stories, pictures and videos in heavy circulation online from May 2017 purport to show a ‘Holy,’ ‘Cyclops’ Indian Goat born with only one Eye. It is also said that the ‘miracle’ one-eyed animal is considered sacred and is worshipped by the villagers who flocked to see the baby goat. Although some people were suspicious about the story, whether it is true or false, as explained below, the claims are facts.

Cyclops Goat in India

The condition of Cyclops sometimes appears in other animals including Cows, Cats, Pigs and Horses. The ‘miracle’ goat in fact became a major attraction in the village of Assam. The owner believes the birth of baby goat with one eye shall bring luck to his home. In the video, you can see the unfortunate baby goat and a brief news report on it.

Hoax or Fact:



Rare ‘Cyclops’ Goat is Beating the Odds
Cyclops goat born with one eye is worshipped by villagers in India

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Prashanth Damarla