Daddy Long Legs Spiders are Most Poisonous – Facts

Picture Suggesting Daddy Long Legs Spiders are Most Poisonous
Daddy Long Legs Spiders are Most Poisonous


Daddy-Longlegs are one of the most poisonous spiders, but their fangs are too short to bite humans.

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1. The most poisonous animal, believe it or not, is the daddy long legs, however, its mouth is so small, it cannot bite us.

2. The daddy longlegs is the “world’s most poisonous animal.

Picture Suggesting Daddy Long Legs Spiders are Most Poisonous
Daddy Long Legs Spiders are Most Poisonous


The messages claim that Daddy Longlegs are the most Poisonous Spiders in the world, but they have too small fangs to be able to penetrate human skin. Thankfully, it is not a fact!

About Story

These tales of Daddy Longlegs Spiders have been circulating since many years. Firstly, “daddy-longlegs” and “daddy-longlegs spiders” are completely separate groups of animals. The animal creatures called daddy-longlegs belong to a separate Order called Opiliones, the other common names of which are harvestmen and opilionids. This Opiliones is a distinct order of creatures that is not closely related to spiders within Arachnida. Opiliones do not have any venom glands or fangs as such, they have very small grasping claws not strong enough to break human skin. The messages, most certainly, talk about the “daddy longlegs spiders”.

Daddy Longlegs Spiders

As the name suggests, Daddy longlegs spiders (Pholcus phalangioides) have long legs that belong to the family Pholcidae. They are also called as cellar spiders, as they are generally found in cellars, and even known as the skull spiders, because of their cephalothorax (the head and the thorax) looking like a human skull. These are commonly found along the Pacific Coast and in the southwest deserts. However, according to the Spider Research of University of California, Riverside, there is no reference to any such Pholcidae spider biting a human and causing any detrimental reaction.

The daddy longlegs spiders do have short fangs, i.e. appendages from legs capable of injecting venom, but they are able to bite humans. Research has shown that Pholcidae venom has a relatively weak effect on insects. And then, in a MythBusters episode about “Daddy Long-Legs,” it was shown that the spider’s fangs (0.25 mm) could penetrate the human skin (0.1 mm) and it only resulted in a very mild burning feeling felt for a few seconds. So daddy longlegs spiders are not the most poisonous ones in the world, the message is a simply a myth that has been circulating for years.

Some of the most poisonous spiders include the Brazilian wandering spider, Brown recluse and the Black widow.

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Daddy Long Legs Myth
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