Devastating Video of Sinabung Volcano Eruption in Indonesia: Fact Check

Image about Devastating Video of Sinabung Volcano Eruption in Indonesia
Devastating Video of Sinabung Volcano Eruption in Indonesia


Sinabung Volcano Eruption last Sunday the 9th June 2019 at 04:28 in Indonesia.
Watch till the end.

Image about Devastating Video of Sinabung Volcano Eruption in Indonesia

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Sinabung volcano, Indonesia on Sunday at 04:28, 9th June 2019. Watch till the end. The camera survived the blast, it continued to record the post eruption destruction of the structures too.

Fact Check:

A ‘devastating’ video is circulating widely on social media alleging to show the Sinabung Volcano Eruption and the Destruction in Indonesia on 9th June 2019. It appears to show a huge volcanic eruption inside water body washing away and destroying the nearby land structures. No, the claims are not true – the said video of Sinabung volcano eruption is not real.

Screenshot of the story on Facebook

About the Video of ‘Sinabung Volcano Eruption’

The video over two minute long appeared on Facebook and Twitter among others around mid June 2019, few days after Mount Sinabung erupted in Indonesia. However, it is not related to the incident. The video, in fact, is an animated simulation of underwater volcanic explosion created as a part of a research project in 2017. A group of researchers made the educational simulation beneath the surface off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand to show how devastating such eruptions can be.

About Sinabung Volcano Eruption

Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung volcano did in fact erupt on Sunday of 9th June 2019 at 4.28pm local time. The powerful explosion sent a cloud of ash and steam over part of the Karo Regency in North Sumatra. Reportedly, the ash and smoke shot 7 km up into the sky. However, no casualties were reported during the volcanic activity. Following the explosion, huge plume of ash blackened the sky above the local residents and ash rained down and coated the streets.

For your information, Mount Sinabung is an active volcano and is at high alert level. As of this writing, there’s a no-go zone of three miles around it. In the wake of the eruption, officials asked the nearby residents to wear masks to protect themselves from ash rains. Shown below is an amazing capture from the scene by an Instagram user.

Coming back to the story, the video does not show Sinabung volcano eruption in Indonesia. It is not real and an animated simulation created in New Zealand for educational purpose.

Hoax or Fact:


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