Duck Feeding Grains to Fish, Viral Video: Fact Check

Image about Duck Feeding Grains to Fish, Viral Video
Duck Feeding Grains to Fish, Viral Video


Viral Video Showing a Duck Feeding Grains to Fish

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Fact Check:

An interesting video viral on social media alleges to show a Duck Feeding Grains to a group of Fishes inside water. It is widely shown as an example of friendship between two different species of nature. What you see in the video is real, but the claim as such is not true.

A Brazilian fisherman shared the unusual video on Facebook on 12th January 2020 suggesting nature is very beautiful. Later, Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan also shared it on Twitter. The video is viral also because Ducks usually eat fish (small) and what appears in the video is a duck feeding fishes.

Video Not of Duck Feeding Fish

The first impression of the video makes us believe the duck is feeding the fish inside the pond. However, the fact of the matter is something different. This is not the first time such a video surfaced online and became popular. Earlier, a similar video went viral in 2015 claiming to show a Baby Duck Feeding Koi Fishes.

While it is nice to think the ducks are feeding fish, again, the reality is different. In past case, Executive Director of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, Jennifer Gordon clarified the reality to The Dodo saying all ducks dip their food in water to eat.

So what’s actually happening is that the fish are trying to steal his food when he puts it into the water,” she said.

She also mentioned larger fish like them can in fact eat away a baby duck like that. It’s not unusual for Swans and Ducklings to dip their food in water while eating. At the time, their food can be shared or stolen by the fishes around the waters. It can be better witnessed and understood in the below video. While they dip the food in water, part of it gets into water and attracts the fish nearby into feeding on it.

On the other hand, different species of animals brought up together can in fact get along well sometimes. Like the messages suggest, friendship can bond two different species.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.

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Prashanth Damarla