Earth Started Breathing in Nova Scotia: Video – Fact Check

Picture Showing Earth Started Breathing in Nova Scotia, Video
Earth Started Breathing in Nova Scotia, Video


Suddenly the Earth started breathing in Nova Scotia.

Other Versions

1. Breathing Earth

2. Someone filmed a video of the Earth ‘breathing,’ so run for your lives.

Fact Check:

A very interesting video getting lot of attention online claims to show that Mother Earth started breathing suddenly in Nova Scotia, as the forest floor ground heaves like it is breathing – similar to the rising and falling of a person’s chest as he breathes. Some stories accompanying the video suggested on a light note that the earth breathing phenomenon is a sign for people to run for lives. Yes, the video capturing the earth ‘breathing’ is a fact, but there’s simple scientific explanation for the not so scary phenomenon.

Picture Showing Earth Started Breathing in Nova Scotia, Video
Earth Started Breathing in Nova Scotia, Video

Has Earth Started Breathing in Nova Scotia?

On breezy October 30, 2015, Brian Nutall was walking through the forest in Apple River, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. Then suddenly he came across the unusual sight he then captured on his cell phone. The next day on 1 November, Brian Nutall posted the ‘earth breathing’ video on Facebook group ‘We Love Nova Scotia‘.

Scientific Explanation

Of course, like suggested in the video, mother earth is not breathing as such. The reason behind the phenomenon is less mystical, but no less dramatic. After his Facebook video garnered lot of positive comments from users, Brian Nuttall‎ responded with an explanation of the phenomenon.

Few days post the damage of landfalling Pacific Hurricane Patricia, a strong west wind was blowing the trees on the hill and loosened their roots under the ground that is giving way in the once shaded forest floor. Nuttall said the ground on the side hill was dry, all gravel with shallow top soil (4 to 6 inches) for roots. Because of this, the mossy ground was moving up and down, as if the forest floor was taking deep breaths. A related article on Canada CBCnews website mentioned similar reasons saying the tree root systems detached from their mooring are caught by wind, making the surface ground appear to “breathe.” And because of the strong winds, the trees might eventually topple down.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Fact.

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