Flamingo Eggs Have Pink Yolks: Fact Check

Picture Suggesting Flamingo Eggs Have Pink Yolks
Flamingo Eggs Have Pink Yolks


Flamingo eggs yolks are pink in color.

Other Versions

Eggs of Flamingo have pink yolks.

Fact Check:

Several websites online sharing weird, interesting and fun facts have reported the story in question that Flamingo’s Eggs have Pink Yolks. In most cases the claim is accompanied by a picture showing pink egg yolk, and the story was even popularized by some ‘experts’. But no, flamingo eggs do not have pink yolks.

Flamingos and Pink Color

Flamingos are large birds with long necks and stick-like legs. When Baby flamingos hatch they shall be grey or white in color. Flamingos live by lakes, swamps and wetlands, so they mostly eat algae and other invertebrates. The algae flamingos eat is loaded with a reddish-orange pigment (organic chemical) called Beta Carotene, and some other invertebrates they consume also contain similar pigment-packing carotenoids. During digestion, the carotenoid-containing pigments are extracted, which dissolves in fats and the pink to orange to red color eventually gets deposited in the bird’s feathers, legs and beaks as they grow.

Egg Yolks Not Pink

Despite the many claims, there’s no such credible information that Flamingo egg yolks are pink in color. The picture in question is actually a photoshop of Shutterstock image that only shows normal ‘Raw eggs isolated on white background‘. Experts, again, have clarified that Flamingo egg yolks, like that of Chicken, are pretty much the usual yellow in color; not pink. Flamingos, both male and female produce and feed pink milk for their young ones. The milk is in pink to red in color as it contains fat, protein, and red and white blood cells. The hoax story that Flamingo egg yolks are pink in color seems to have surfaced from these pink color associations, as an internet meme.

Hoax or Fact:



Why Are Flamingos Pink?

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