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Giant Sea Creature You’ve Never Seen..Amazing Photograph captured on Camera.

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Biggest Sea Creature in the World

Fact Check:

A story that keeps surfacing on image and video sharing platforms alleges to show an Amazingly Giant (or Biggest) Sea Creature Photograph you’ve never seen. The photograph shows a giant sea creature washed ashore, wherein couple of people clicking pictures appear tiny in front of it. What you see in the photograph is not real – it is a composite image of two different photographs of a Beached Whale.

Not Giant Sea Creature Photograph as Such

What you see in the photograph is in fact a Dead Humpback Whale, whose body was decomposing. It washed up on the shores of Rio de Janeiro’s Ipanema beach of Brazil back in November 2017. The Humpback Whale measured approximately 39 feet (12 meters) long and weighed about 25 tons. You can see in couple of images below, the whale is not as huge as it appears in the photograph in question.

The photograph is in fact a composite of two different images from the same scene; one is without the people clicking images of it. You can understand the actual size of the whale from the stock images shown below. The man and woman are in fact from a different photograph, added to the close up photograph of the whale.

The composite image magnifying the appearance of the dead humpback whale is often used as a thumbnail image in stories and videos relating to giant sea creatures. Below are couple of other stock photographs of the dead whale from different angle.

So, what you see in photograph is not any giant sea creature or monster you have never seen. Beachings of this kind are not uncommon along the Brazil’s coast as the whales migrate between their feeding and breeding grounds. FYI, Blue Whale is considered to be the largest animal to have ever lived on Earth. It can in fact grow up to 100 feet long, weighing over 200 tons. On the other hand, Humpback Whales can grow up to 60 feet long and weigh around 40 tons.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla