‘Goat Monster’ Viral Video Shows Damascus Breed Goat

Image: 'Goat Monster' Viral Video Shows Damascus Breed Goat
'Goat Monster' Viral Video Shows Damascus Breed Goat


Viral Video of ‘Goat Monster’

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1. This Giant mutant goat looks like a Dinosaur

2. This deformed goat terrified everyone

Fact Check:

A video that went viral on social media and elsewhere purports to show a deformed ‘Goat Monster,’ and is also described as a giant mutant goat which looks like a Dinosaur. The animal had unusual enormous head and skin flap below its mouth, and some viewers were even skeptical as to what it could be. What you see in the video is a real Goat, but it is not deformed or mutant as such, and a known breed called Damascus goat.

‘Goat Monster’ Viral Video

On 20th March 2018, Ahmed Ramadan posted the brief footage to a Facebook group buying and selling goats. It spread heavily on Facebook and also elsewhere on internet space. While the large creature had giant head, long neck and flabby skin under throat, it dwarfed the fellow goats making some noise around. Viewers dubbed the peculiar creature as ‘goat monster’, and unfortunately, some even went on to call it the world ugliest animal. Nonetheless, the creature is a real Damascus goat, not deformed or mutant as such, and happens to be a prize-winning species native to Syria, Cyprus, and Lebanon among other countries.

Image about 'Goat Monster' belongs to Damascus Breed of Goat
‘Goat Monster’ belongs to Damascus Breed of Goat

Damascus Goat Breed

Damascus is a domestic breed of goat with superior quality of milk, kid-producing prowess, tasty meat and useful hide (leather). Other names of Damascus goat are Shami, Aleppo, Halep, Baladi, and Damascene. Although many viewers called it ugly, breeders throughout the Middle East love Damascus, and it usually sells for high prices.

Image of Damascus Goat Prized Species
Damascus Goat Prized Species

Image of Damascus Goat Prized Species

As you can see in other pictures, the unusual features are characteristic of the Damascus breed. However, this particular male goat in video, allegedly from Egypt, has little extreme features. According to IFLScience website iflscience.com, Damascus goat is apparently an unfortunate victim of extreme animal breeding. With strange and unique appearance, Damascus goat is larger and taller than normal goats – it is like the bulldog of goats. Interestingly, the strange features appear more as the goats grow up; not much in Damascus baby goat species.

Image of Damascus Baby Goat
Damascus Baby Goat

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Hoax.


Damascus Goat Farming Information Guide

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