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High Speed Brain Training Workshop


Gift yourself a High Speed Brain Training.
Take care of your brain, it’s the only place you have to live

We are conducting Advanced Brain Training for Adults online on 7th & 8th November 2020 2 full day classes. From 9:30am to 5:00pm

Detoxify your brain and gain Super Powerful Brain.

Benefits of Brain education workshop

?Stress Free awakened mind
?Good Sleep
?Very relaxed state of mind.
?Enhanced Concentration
?Improved Memory
?Better Creativity
?Better Decision making.
?Positive mind programming
?Great intuition power
?Spiritual Awakening
?Dreams-Goals manifestation
?Improved emotional control
?Improved personal/work relationships

In simple, this program would help you do 10 times better in anything you do.

Attend this ‘Once in a life time’ workshop; Unleash your hidden potential!!.
Limited seats

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Fact Check:

Some messages and videos in circulation online claim to gift yourself a High Speed Brain training course. Accompanying video(s) appear to show Engineering and MBBS students reading newspaper in blindfold state. A video shows couple of such girls recognizing print colors in newspapers in front of them and also reading content slowly. So, let us examine the ‘super power’ claims from ‘Great Brains’ team and find about the many alleged benefits of their training.

About the High Speed Brain Training

The advanced Brain Training from Great Brains claims to unleash untapped brain potential of an individual and activate the brain to work like a Super Brain. They claim their brain education workshop is a “secret” way to detoxify your brain and achieve stress free awakened mind, enhanced concentration and great intuition power. They promote it as a great means to unleash inborn potential in your child and gift him the right career.

It is a fact; we can increase our focus, creativity and mental efficiency with targeted strategies and healthy brain habits. They usually include mental and physical exercises of various kinds to bring about overall fitness in an individual. Focused meditation for instance is a powerful means to enhance brain potential in both children and adults. However, the claims of Great Brains are exaggerated and almost similar to other brain exercise offerings available on the Internet. The organizations and their franchisees are offering such training programs in other states like Kerala also.

About the Midbrain Activation

The ‘Midbrain activation’ mentioned on Great Brains website is a training program to equip children to sense visual properties without actually seeing them. Allegedly, it stimulates some parts of the brain and improves memory, concentration and intuition of children. The brain will be so awakened, they claim, that the children will be equipped to read and see even while they are blindfolded.

In contrast to the claims, rationalists and science educators describe it as a pseudo-science meant to take gullible parents for a ride. They say midbrain activation is nothing but a bid to hoodwink the parents wanting their children to be geniuses. The program organizers claim the children, if trained, can easily see through blindfolds and recognize objects and read texts. However, some people from scientific community say when the eyes are blinded with blacked-out swimming goggles or adhesive eye patches, they will not be able to do it.

Not Blindfolded Seeing Power

In 2010, Professor Narendra Nayak, the President of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations (FIRA) challenged a related case. Along with his team, the Professor attended a TV show and insisted the girl with alleged superpower did not have any special talent to see blindfolded. He suggested the girl is trained to peek through the gaps in blindfold and see things.

Likewise, in this case also, if you observe closely, you can notice similar approach of the two girls in the video of Great Brains team. The girls are in fact moving around their heads to peek through the blindfold and actually seeing the newspapers in front of them. There’s no high speed brain training or awakening of intuition involved in it. Most certainly, they are trained to do it well in the guise of displaying a ‘genius’ talent.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.

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Prashanth Damarla