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Aerodynamic Physics: Paper Plane Flying in a Loop between two table Fans …

Other Versions

1. When a Physicist gets bored!

2. When engineers are bored, they sometimes make a paper plane to loop around flying in circles by using lots of fans.. It so cool to watch this paper plane looping around.

Fact Check:

A cool video popular online purports to show a paper plane flying in a loop between two table fans blowing air. It suggests the air blow between the two fans coordinates the paper plane into flying in circles. The interesting video keeps appearing on social media and video sharing platforms. Nonetheless, the claims as such are not true – the video is a CGI.

Not Paper Plane Flying Between Fans

Although the physics explained in the accompanying video seems plausible, such a well-controlled airstream is difficult to establish. Many viewers believed and appreciated the beauty of science shown in the viral video. However, few mentioned the video is not real and probably involves good CGI. They also added it could be the final project of a student for 3D animation class.

The video is in fact a making of Filipino VFX (visual effects) artist Vernon James Manlapaz. He posted the video on his Instagram account back in September 2016. The VFX artist posts such Short Magical Videos involving 3D art. In his another Instagram post, you can see a group of similar paper planes flying above a street.

Similar Videos Shared as Pranks

On 30th March 2011, YouTube channel Sick Science! posted a similar, interesting video showing how to make a paper plane float between two fans.

The YouTube channel also asked viewers to comment how it is possible. Likewise, many viewers believed what they saw. However, couple of days later, the channel posted another video clarifying it was just an April fool’s prank. They also revealed the use of fishing line between the fans, on which the paper plane was resting!

Image about Paper Plane Flying in Loop Between Two Table Fans, Video
Image showing Use of fishing line between fans
Use of fishing line between fans

There’s another popular, old video similar to it shown as an experiment of placing a paper airplane between two fans.

In that case the original video dating back to March 2007 was an art project of Camille Laurelli. Most likely, it also involved use of a fishing line kind of string in between.

Image about Paper Plane Flying in Loop Between Two Table Fans, Video

So, the aforementioned videos showing a paper plane flying in loop circles or hovering between two fans blowing air are not what they appear. Either they are CGI visual effects (VFX) or there’s invisible fishing line kind of string tied between the fans.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla