Photograph of Huge Banana Bunch – Facts Analysis

Photograph of Huge Banana Bunch
Photograph of Huge Banana Bunch


Picture of this huge banana plant circulating through emails.

Subject: Fw: What a Bananaaaa…………..

If only I have five hectares of this like I think I can be a millionaire in a matter of 2 years.


This photograph of huge banana bunch was shared through emails, and various blogs and forums. People believed that it is a manipulated image, and such a huge banana bunch cannot be real. But it is a fact, the picture of this huge banana bunch is genuine.

These giant bananas are of special type called thousand fingers, also known as Musa chiliocarpa. We can find such giant varieties of Bananas in south east parts of Asia. The specialty of such type of bananas is that the fingers on one banana plant grow fused one over the other bunch, producing huge bunch of bananas, and is therefore called thousand fingers. Each of these giant bananas is however only an inch long, tastes sweet, and smells pleasant. They taste like strawberries when cooked. The picture in question is just a rare formation of huge banana bunch.

Hoax or Fact:



Thousand Fingers
Musa Chiliocarpa – Similar pictures

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Prashanth Damarla