Picture Showing Incredible Storm and Rain in Johannesburg, South Africa: Facts

Picture Showing Incredible Storm and Rain in Johannesburg, South Africa
Picture Showing Incredible Storm and Rain in Johannesburg, South Africa


Amazing Rain over Johannesburg.

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Storm in Johannesburg, South Africa.


A picture shared on social media sites like Twitter is alleged to show an amazing Mushroom-shaped Storm or Rain over Johannesburg, South Africa. Some people even described the huge formation in sky as Rain Bombs or Cloud Bursts. The picture does indeed show a real natural occurrence, but is not a storm or rain over Johannesburg; it is in fact an Incredible Microburst crashing down over Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Microburst Over Phoenix

In the night of 18 July 2016 as thunderstorms roiled across the Phoenix landscape, the incredible microburst came down crashing over South Phoenix, Arizona. A Microburst is a downdraft (sinking air) in a thunderstorm, in a blast of rain, hail and wind. Chopper guys Bruce Haffner/Andrew Park/Jerry Ferguson took the aerial photos of the amazing microburst over south Phoenix. In picture below you can see another wonderful picture of the rare weather occurrence. The video in this article shows a brief recording of the rare weather occurrence.

Microbursts are not as widely recognized as Tornadoes, but in extreme cases, the wind speeds can go as high as 150 mph and can pose a threat to life and property. So the stories attached to the pictures saying they show an amazing rain or storm over Johannesburg in South Africa are hoaxes.

Picture Showing Microburst Over Phoenix
Microburst Over Phoenix

Hoax or Fact:


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Watch this incredible microburst come crashing down over Phoenix

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