Planet Nibiru Headed Straight to Earth, NASA Warns Disaster Near: Fact Check

Picture about Planet Nibiru Headed Straight for Earth, NASA Warns Disaster is Near
Planet Nibiru Headed Straight for Earth, NASA Warns Disaster is Near


NASA Warns Disaster is Near: Nibiru is Headed Straight for Earth.

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Asteroid ‘Nibiru’ on Collision Course with Earth, according to NASA Whistleblowers.

Fact Check:

A story doing rounds online, shared widely on social media sites, warns people that the so called rogue Planet/Asteroid in our solar system Nibiru is heading straight for Earth, and that NASA has warned of a Disaster in near future. The story became popular, also because of the historical allegations and conspiracy about the Planet X or Nibiru supposedly colliding with the course of Earth, causing Polar Shift and catastrophic consequences. So let us also analyze all those claims in detail, whether or not they are facts.

About the Current Story

The story in question originated from a 10th March 2016 article on News 4 KTLA website, which as a matter of fact, has been publishing many hoax stories as local and national news. For example, earlier they published a fake article saying a 9 Year Old Murdered his Parents after they Turned off WiFi for Punishment. The article mentioned above stated that NASA has known about the mystery planet Nibiru for years, but declined to warn us until now. Many such allegations have in fact been around online since years.

Origin of Nibiru Stories

The origin of these messages goes back to 1995, when a Wisconsin woman named Nancy Lieder has claimed that while she was a girl, gray extraterrestrials called Zetas from the Zeta Reticuli star system contacted her and implanted a communications device in her brain. She said that she was chosen by the Zetas to warn mankind that the extraterrestrial object she called Planet X would sweep through the inner Solar System in May 2003, making the Earth undergo a pole shift and destroy most of humanity. Nancy came up with a website called where she published all this information. This prediction spread beyond Nancy’s website and created lot of concern around world.

Despite the claims, nothing happened in May 2003, and later Nancy Lieder claimed that the date of her prediction was merely a “White Lie” to fool the establishment, and added that, if the true date is declared, it will create chaos. However, part of the copyright information of her website says – “The opinions expressed are solely those of the Zeta Reticulans, and are not necessarily the opinions of their emissary, Nancy, or any other party“. So this explains there is no valid scientific evidence for the claims of Nancy Lieder.

From ‘Whistleblowers’

There were wild claims on the Internet, supposedly from ‘whistleblowers,’ that NASA scientists have confirmed Nibiru’s existence. There were many such stories about Nibiru on fantasy/satirical websites as well. In later years came the Dooms day claims on 21 December 2012 relating to ancient Mayan calendar – that a planet will collide Earth and the world will come to an end. There were also the messages claiming as the interplanetary Nibiru will pass on our solar system, world is going to witness two Suns in the sky. These two different fables of Planet X and Nibiru were linked by several internet news and doomsday groups and the date of the collision was moved forward to December 2012. Although Nancy called this extraterrestrial object as “Planet X”, it was later associated with Nibiru, a planet proposed by an ancient astronaut, Zecharia Sitchin from his ancient studies of Babylonian religious texts, which was discussed in his 1976 book called “The 12th Planet“.

In his book, Sitchin mentioned a giant planet called Nibiru or Marduk that passes by Earth every 3,600 years, and as it passes, it allows its extraterrestrial inhabitants to interact with the humanity. However, Sitchin denied any connection between his studies and Nancy’s claims. He wrote another book called “The End of Days“, partly in response to Nancy’s claims, where he mentioned that the last time Nibiru passed by Earth was during 556 BC, which means it would return again around AD 2900, considering its supposed 3,600 year orbit.

Existence of Nibiru

According to EarthSky website, the planet/asteroid Nibiru is not real; there is no scientific evidence to support its existence. It is a hypothetical phenomenon that it is going to pass by, or bombard Earth. If Nibiru were to exist in real, given its orbital period is 3,600 years, it should by now be well inside the orbit of Jupiter. It should be visible to the naked eye, just like Jupiter, and Earth would have clearly felt the effects of its gravity. In a related Question & Answers section, NASA confirmed that Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an Internet hoax.

Polar Shift Theory

In the link mentioned above NASA explained this phenomenon too. Polar shift theory talks about the reversal in the rotation of Earth, which is impossible and has never happened. It is a fact that there is slow movement in continents like Antarctica (which was near equator some hundreds of millions of years ago), but it is no way related to reversal of rotational poles. The ‘disaster’ websites falsely claim a relationship between the rotation of Earth and its magnetic polarity. The magnetic polarity does change irregularly; the magnetic reversal happening every 400,000 years on an average. But such magnetic reversal is not known to cause any harm to life on Earth.

To conclude, there is no scientific evidence to support the existence of Planet X or Nibiru said to collide with Earth. Like the world did not end in December 2012, the stories about Nibiru or Planet X are therefore hoaxes.

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