Rain Falling On One Spot, Video: Fact Check

Screenshot from Rain Falling On One Spot, Video
Rain Falling On One Spot, Video


Rain Falling On One Spot in Ghana. A miracle!

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Rain Falling on one spot… Our God Is the God Of Rain

Rain that falls in one place

Fact Check:

An interesting video in circulation online since few years purports to show Rain Falling On One Spot in Ghana, as a Miracle of God. The video appears to show heavy rain that falls in one place, beside a road busy with some ongoing vehicles. The viral video is shared widely on YouTube and social media sites like Facebook. However, it does not actually show rain falling on one spot.

Not Rain Falling On One Spot

Some users on social media thought the video showing rain falling on one spot is a miracle of nature, from the God of Rain. Others however suggested it was a natural Geyser. A close examination of the video shall reveal what you see in the video is not rainfall, but water spouting up from below and falling down again. It is in fact the result of a burst water pipe in Akosombo Road of Ghana, gushing out millions of gallons.

The incident happened back in September 2016. A Twitter user posted another video from the same location, confirming the water sprout is not rain or fountain, but the result of a broken pipe.

The heavy pressure in the broken water pipe was shooting the water up. And since the color of the clouds and water blended together, viewers got an impression it’s raining from sky. So, the claim that the video shows rain falling on one spot in Ghana is just a hoax. The Ghana Water Company Limited stopped pumping water through the broken pipe and fixed it.

Image of Alleged mysterious rain falling in one place in Togo
Alleged mysterious rain falling in one place in Togo

Another Similar Video

There’s also another similar and popular video claiming to show rain falling in one place, as a mysterious event in Togo. The video seems to show rain falling in a piece of landmass around some trees. Some viewers suggested the incident did not happen in Togo, and mentioned other places like Vietnam, Indonesia, or China.

What you see in this case is actually an old video that appeared online even in August 2015. Again, the video does not show rain that falls in one place. It is in fact water shooting up from below, either due to burst pipe, well digging, or the result of natural phenomenon called Geyser. But considering the group of people dressed in helmets – working in and around water – it is more likely to be another broken water pipe and repair scene.

Update: 29th Apr 2019

The above video of water shooting up from below in between what appears like fields also circulated later on WhatsApp with paranormal claims. They said water is falling on one spot and the mother earth is taking it in – calling it as an inevitable proof of god’s existence.

నిన్న టోగో లోని దక్షిణాఫ్రికా దగ్గర ఆకాశం నుంచి భూమ్మీదకు ఒకే ప్రదేశంలో బిందెలోనుంచి నీళ్లు పోసినట్టు ధారా పడింది. ఆ జల పాతాన్ని భూదేవి నోరు తెరచి (నీళ్లు పక్కకు వెళ్లకుండా) తాగింది. ఆ అద్భుత దృశ్యాన్ని మీరు ప్రత్యేక్షంగా చూడవచ్చును. పరమాత్ముడు ఉన్నాడు అనడానికి ఇంతకంటే నిదర్శనం ఏం కావాలి.

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