Real Life Sea Angel Caught on Camera, Video: Fact Check

Image about Real Life Sea Angel Caught on Camera, Video
Real Life Sea Angel Caught on Camera, Video


This is not CGI …this is video of a real-life creature known as a sea angel (Clione sp.) hovering under ice in the White Sea, Russia.

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Fact Check:

An amazing video is doing rounds online alleging to show Real Life Sea Angel creature caught on camera hovering under ice in the White Sea, Russia. The video shows a fairy tale kind of angel in beautiful colors and translucent appearance swimming inside water. Yes, the creature is real and not a creation of computer generated imagery (CGI). Although beautiful and looking like one, it is Not Sea ‘Angel’ as such.

About the Video of Sea Angel

What you see in the underwater footage is in fact a Sea Slug called Clione limacina, also known as the naked sea butterfly, sea angel and common clione. They are indeed shell-less, pelagic snails living in the cold waters of Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans. However, the ‘sea angels’ are quite small in size – of the order of 12-30 mm.

The full video appeared on YouTube in February 2019 and showed the footage of real life ‘ Sea Angel’ under-the-ice at the White Sea in March 2018.

The Sea slugs Clione limacina can sometimes aggregate in considerable numbers and look beautiful together, especially on camera. For instance, the video below from marine biologist Alexander Semenov shows two mating sea angels flutter through the deep waters of the Arctic Ocean off Russia. They in fact swim through the water side-by-side in a flowing mating ritual that resembles a dance.

Hoax or Fact:

Fact with some misinformation.

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