Seven Headed Snake Skin Discovered Near Bangalore: Fact Check


Seven Headed Snake Skin Real or Not?

Over the years, many sightings of seven-headed snakes are reported, but none turned out to be true. In first case of snake skin, the alleged seven heads do not entirely appear to belong to one snake, and are covered with pooja offerings and flowers. If it were from a real multi-headed snake, the shed skin shall appear similar to our hand fingers – held together and connected with flaps of skin in between, or more so like a glove we wear.

It’s not difficult to find snake skins in the woods. It is possible, someone brought and put together seven head skins of different snakes to frame an incident of seven headed snake. In case of second skin found near the temple-constructed area, the ‘seven heads’ do not entirely look so. Snake skin is elastic in nature, so there’s possibility of tampering with the head-skin area of a large snake to make them appear as seven-heads. Moreover, if the shed skin of a seven headed snake was indeed discovered, experts and scientists from around the world would have been keen to examine it. There are no credible reports of any such examination in both the cases.

On the other hand, some of the villagers and temple related people are keen to believe in the seven headed serpent mentioned in Hindu Puranas, calling the skins authentic.

Update: 17th Jan. 2020

The seven headed snake skin discovered for the second time was preserved inside a glass box and worshipped in the Marigowdana Doddi, a village in Kanakapura located about 60km from Bengaluru city. The news about 7 headed snake went viral and spread across India. Consequently, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) wildlife volunteers K Mohan, Jayaraj and Prasanna Kumar visited the spot and examined the snake skins.

Like we suggested above, Snake rescuer K Mohan confirmed the ‘seven heads’ are not of a single snake. He said it is created by assembling different snake skins and pasting them on to the body of a Cobra. The lie is spread by someone from the village and the plans of constructing Nagadeva temple at the spot came in place. Note, the owner of the field Balappa or any of the initial witness did not appear in front of media covering the news. Adding further, Mohan said he worked in the snake society for 25 years and neither he nor any of his seniors saw any seven headed snake. He says they do not appear because they do not exist anywhere in the world.

Considering the aforementioned facts and flaws, we are concluding the seven headed snake skins discovered in Karnataka village, outside Bangalore are fake. The first one was created by pasting together skins from different snakes. The second one is perhaps a manipulation of a large skin of another snake.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla