UFO Crash Landing in Antarctica: Google Earth Images – Fact Check

Alleged UFO Crash Landing in Antarctica, Google Earth Images
UFO Crash Landing in Antarctica, Google Earth Images


Google Earth images prove UFO Crash Landing in Antarctica.

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UFO Crash Landing in Antarctica, Google Earth Images
UFO Crash Landing in Antarctica, Google Earth Images

Fact Check:

Certain videos and stories doing rounds online allege to show the Google Earth Images of a UFO Crash Landing in Antarctica. Notably, conspiracy theorists presented the Google Earth images suggesting a UFO crash landed in Antarctica, leaving unusual trail of destruction. They showed it as a ‘solid’ proof of Alien existence. So, let us examine what is spotted on Google Earth is any UFO of Aliens or not.

Origin of Claim: UFO Crash Landing in Antarctica

On 3 March 2018, YouTube Channel Secure Team (secureteam10) published a video purporting to show the alleged discovery of ‘UFO crash landing site’ near Mt. Paget of South Georgia Island, off the coast of Antarctica in the Atlantic Ocean. Showing an image of the icy mountains allegedly taken back in 2011, the presenter suggests a UFO has crash landed down the surface of the snow. He says the massive, elongated, cigar-shaped object (covered in snow and ice) hit the nearby mountain and ejected outwards; leaving behind almost 1000-meter-long trail.

Picture of The location near Mt. Paget, South Georgia Island
The location near Mt. Paget, South Georgia Island

The video and the UFO/Alien claims went viral after some media outlets picked up the ‘discovery’. However, we have seen in past, the Secure Team channel posts some ‘sensational’ videos shown to be hoaxes. Earlier, they published a video of a ‘UFO’ Flying Over a US Military Base in Ohio, which we explained to be a hoax.

UFO Flying Over a US Military Base in Ohio: Video – Facts

Earth Feature, Not UFO/Alien

In comparison to the alleged 2011 Google image, we did not see much change in the Google Earth view of the coordinates 54°39’44.62″S 36°11’42.47″W. In contrast to the Alien crash landing theory, we see similar rugged look around nearby mountains, and somewhat similar trails here and there. As a matter of fact, the trail leads back to a mountain peak, at the foot of which we can see a mass of disturbed snow.

The claim that the Google Earth Images show an Alien-UFO Crash Landing site in Antarctica is a hoax. A Geologist from Keele University, Richard Waller told MailOnline (dailymail.co.uk) that the alleged UFO feature is actually related to a large avalanche from the nearby mountain. He explains that part of a hanging glacier appears to have collapsed with the resultant debris at the foot of the slope. Further, a large block of ice (or rock) could have travelled consequently. Therefore, the trail is the result of a mere landslide over a snow-covered glacier, he adds.

Picture showing Plausible explanation of Landslide
Plausible explanation of Landslide

Hoax or Fact:


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