Shocking UFO Spotted in Kenya: Video – Facts

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Picture about Shocking UFO Spotted in Kenya, Video
Shocking UFO Spotted in Kenya, Video


WATCH: Most clear and shocking video footage of a UFO you will EVER see.

Other Versions

1. UFO spotted in Nairobi, Kenya.

2. UFO sighted in Muranga.


A video creating abuzz online claims to show a clear and shocking footage of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) spotted in Kenya’s capital Nairobi on a rainy day of 16th June 2016. So let us analyze whether the UFO footage said to have been caught on the dash cam by a driver is fact or not.

Picture about Shocking UFO Spotted in Kenya, Video
Shocking UFO Spotted in Kenya, Video

About the UFO Video from Kenya

As it appears in the 19 seconds video, the car travels down the road, and moments later the driver points to the sky before a huge, distinct oval-shaped craft (like a flying saucer) flies across. The massive flying object is accompanied by a thundering sound somewhat similar to that coming from an airplane. The claims of UFO video from Kenya became popular as the story was published in Express News website on 17 July 2016. It is said that the popular USA based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which investigates alien abductions and UFO sightings and footage, received the Kenya UFO video in question.

Flaws & Actual Facts

The aforementioned Express News article also reports Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) saying they receive lot of hoax footages from pranksters and other individuals. There’s also another video in circulation (second one in this article) that claims to show a UFO sighted in Kenya – in the sky, outside a home. It appears still in sky for sometime before disappearing. Again, as you can see from Related Stories section below, a number of UFO claims like these have been proved to be hoaxes in the past.

Picture about Shocking UFO Spotted in Kenya, Video
Shocking UFO Spotted in Kenya, Video

In the first video, the quality of the recording itself is quite poor, and there is no significant reaction from the driver verbally or physically as he happens to see the huge UFO over sky, and he remains quite calm and silent. Moreover, a close look at the footage will reveal that while everything in the background is moving and shaking around, the flying object is not. In the second video as well, the viewers express no great reaction seeing such a huge UFO in the sky – as if they have staged the incident. So all this suggest that both the videos of alleged UFO sightings in Kenya are simply the products of Computer Animation, and therefore the claims are hoaxes.

Hoax or Fact:


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