Twin UFOs Witnessed by Dozens in Vero Beach, Florida: Fact Check

Image about Twin UFOs Witnessed & Recorded by Dozens in Vero Beach, Florida
Twin UFOs Witnessed & Recorded by Dozens in Vero Beach, Florida


Incredible Footage: Twin UFOs Witnessed & Recorded By Dozens In Vero Beach, Fl (Video)

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Fact Check:

A video shared often online since year 2015 claims to present an ‘incredible footage’ showing two Twin UFOs witnessed & recorded by dozens of viewers over Vero Beach, Florida. The two ‘alien space ships’ allegedly appeared in the sky during an “alien contact” session summoned by a group led by Dr. Steven Greer, who shows the appearance of orange glowing ball of lights as UFOs. Like explained below, seen in the video captured over Vero Beach, Florida, are not any Alien UFOs or Space Ships, they are most probably Artillery Illumination rounds.

About the UFO Video

The story surfaced again online in early March 2017 from an article on Collective Evolution website that described the video as one of thousands of UFO videos floating around the internet. In contrast to the claims, the video was not taken recently in 2017. It is in fact an old one published in early 2015, and comes from the Dr. Steven Greer, who is the founder of The Disclosure Project ( and the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). Likewise they said the UFOs were viewed with very advanced night vision binoculars.

Flaws in Claims

Dr. Steven Greer actually charges people for certain programs, also to show them UFOs. The UFO sighting/summoning in question is said to be recorded on 27 January 2015. However, note the alleged UFOs do not appear like space ships and do not move; they even fade away gradually within few moments.

Dr. Steven Greer has been ufologist, who earlier, described that the Atacama Humanoid remains a profound mystery. But as explained in our article, the Atacama Skeleton was in fact Human. Moreover, back in February 2015 itself, a reddit user DineLointHarpie, who described himself as a retired military aviation officer, explained that the two lights are not Aliens or UFOs, but Artillery Illumination rounds that hit a specific altitude and burst into action. He also added that either there will be a parachute associated with them that would be hard to see, or a platform for slowing the round that is carried by the winds until the burn out. Another reddit user Solarslave explained at the time there was a massive naval training exercise going on off the coast of Florida, including Vero Beach.

Therefore, the claims about ‘incredible footage’ showing Twin UFOs or space ships witnessed/recorded in Vero Beach, Florida are hoaxes. The two orange flashes seen in the video are actually artillery Illumination rounds.

Hoax or Fact:


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