UFO Caught on Camera by Spanish Fisherman: Facts

Picture about UFO Caught on Camera by Spanish Fisherman
UFO Caught on Camera by Spanish Fisherman


UFO caught on camera by fisherman in Spain.

Other Versions

1. Amazing UFO sighting caught on Tape. It happened in Galicia, North of Spain.

2. Fishermen capture military jets chasing UFO into Sea in Spain.


The first video circulating online claims to show a UFO caught on camera by a fisherman in Galicia, north of Spain. No, what is shown is not a fact!

About the Video

The video shows couple of mysterious objects flying over a sea along with what appears like a military helicopter, which is supposedly caught on camera by fishermen in Spain. The YouTube video uploader in fact raises question whether it is a real UFO footage or not. The video entitled ‘UFO caught on Camera‘ was uploaded to YouTube in ‘Entertainment’ category in March 2014 by ‘Most Mystery Videos’ channel, which shares many mysterious videos every week, including those of mythical creatures like Bigfoot, Mermaids, Werewolf, Loch Ness and Chupacabra.

Old Video

Our search found out that the video footage in question is not new; it has been around since 2009, and was shared with another version of story saying ‘Fishermen capture military jets chasing UFO into Sea in Spain‘. As shown in the above video, which appears to show an interaction between military aircraft and a UFO, you can see a logo reading ‘Terra’ at the bottom right of the screen. The footage is in fact a part of viral marketing film “El Ovni Gallego” that was made in 2009 for promoting the web portal Terra Spain (terra.es).

After the dramatic Galacian UFO footage became popular online, the website later notified that the film “Galician UFO’ was meant to pay tribute to the famous ‘War of the Worlds‘ broadcast by Orson Welles on his 71st anniversary. The above and the below videos show the trailer of the film “El Ovni Gallego” released initially and the making of it respectively.

Screenshot of related article
Screenshot of related article

UFO is an intriguing concept that grabs wide public attention, so it has become a common practice for companies and people to base it for creating viral marketing videos.

Hoax or Fact:


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