Video of Surprisingly Large Chicken Scared Viewers: Fact Check

Picture of Surprisingly Large Chicken Scared Viewers
Surprisingly Large Chicken Scared Viewers


This Video of Giant Big Chicken is Terrifying

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Disturbingly large chicken leaving people horrified

Fact Check:

An interesting video in heavy circulation online purports to show a surprisingly Large White Chicken (with some black shades) coming out of a small Chicken Coop (hen house). The heavily built hen also has unusual feather flares around its legs and is seen walking around its home for a while. Although a number of people doubted the authenticity of the big chicken video, whether or not the hen is real, what’s seen in the video is a fact.

About the Video of Large Chicken

The video of the surprisingly large chicken was posted on 17 March 2017 to a Facebook group Shpeztaria Dekorative that shares about strange chickens. The video was shared widely elsewhere, also on other social sites like Twitter, and went viral soon. Because of the unusual size and appearance, quite a number of viewers suggested the video of large hen could be fake. It created a debate on social media, and some people wondered if the chicken is actually a big size human baby dressed in a chicken costume. The video is not fake, seen in it is a real life scary – Brahma Chicken.

Heritage Breed Brahma Chicken

What you see in the video is in fact a heritage breed Chicken called Brahma, a large breed of chicken cultivated in the United States from very large birds imported from the Chinese port, Shanghai. The Brahma Chicken is often referred to as “King of All Poultry” because of its large size. In the second video, you can see couple of other large Brahma chickens. In Images, you can see some of the giant Brahma chickens.

The American Poultry Association recognized Brahma chicken breed since 1874. In US, it served as the principal meat breed for few decades from 1850s. Despite the scary size appearance, the Brahma Chickens have friendly disposition and are pleasant to have around, according to an article on Countryside Network website that explains raising the large breed. While hens usually weigh close to 10 pounds, these large Brahma Chickens can weigh up to 12 pounds, and they lay a fair amount of eggs. Coming back to the interesting video again, not many people might have noticed, there are two similar equally terrifying chickens, one below the Chicken Coop and the other hiding inside, peeking out its head. The description of the YouTube video Brahma Rooster Chicken says the huge bird is owned by Fitim Sejfijaj from Kosovo; the same person who posted the video to the Facebook group mentioned above.

Hoax or Fact:


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