Ice Cubes Washed Over Tiruchendur Seashore, Hot Summer: Fact Check

Picture Showing Ice Cubes Washed Over Tiruchendur Seashore in Hot Summer
Picture Showing Ice Cubes Washed Over Tiruchendur Seashore in Hot Summer


Ice cubes seen washed over Tiruchendur Seashore on 06.04.2017 – in hot summer!

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Fact Check:

A video doing rounds online from early April 2017 purports to show an ‘amazing’ phenomenon where Ice cubes are seen washed over Tiruchendur Seashore in Tamil Nadu State of India on 6th April – in hot summer. Seen in the video, the phenomenon of washing of ice and piling up over the shore is real, but the incident did not take place in Tiruchendur Seashore on 6th April 2017; it happened earlier in Poland, the facts of which are detailed below.

Not Ice Cubes Washed Over Seashore in Hot Summer

The hoax claim in question surfaced online in early April 2017 perhaps after few YouTube users posted the video with the story. The video showing piling up of Ice onto the shore in Rewa, Poland was shared earlier in February 2017 on Jukin Media website and it became popular attached with the below description:

The strong gusts of wind moved the ice flow from one end of the bay to the other. What resulted was a pile-up of ice onto the shore of the bay in an interesting phenomenon.

The unusual phenomenon was witnessed on 19th Feb. 2017 by walkers around the shore of Puck Bay (or Bay of Puck, connected with the Baltic Sea), as strong winds blowing from the west began moving the ice from one end to the other of the Gulf of Puck. Note, the Puck Bay freezes often almost every winter. Jarek Roszkowski had a chance to watch the whole show live, and he posted the full video to YouTube.

Ice Shove, More Serious Phenomenon

The Ice Shove phenomenon seen in the video is actually a mild one; it can get more serious and has in fact happened earlier in certain places around the world. For example, as you can see in the third video news report, in May 2013, a Tsunami-like wave of ice rose out of a lake in Minnesota and destroyed a dozen two-story homes. Ice shove, ice surge, ice heave, ivu, or shoreline ice pileup is a surge of ice from an ocean or large lake onto the shore. It can be caused by strong winds, ocean currents, or temperature differences that push ice onto the shore. Sometimes, the ice piles can go as high as 12 metres (40 feet), and have been described by some as ‘Ice Tsunamis’. Witnesses have described the sounds of Ice shove as being like that of a train or thunder.

So the claim that the video shows Tiruchendur sea Ice waves in hot summer is just a hoax.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla