Video of Three Horned Cow Found in Uganda: Fact Check

Image about Video of Three Horned Cow Found in Uganda
Video of Three Horned Cow Found in Uganda


A Three Horned Bull or Cow found in Uganda
Wonders never cease!

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Ankole long horned cow with Three Horns

Fact Check:

An interesting video is viral online alleging to show a Three Horned Cow Found in Uganda. It appears to have three horns – unusually long – and is described as Ankole long horned cow. So, let us examine the case and try to find out if it is real or not.

Firstly, three horned cattle are not unheard of. For instance, a popular story in past showed an Ox with three horns near a temple in Madhya Pradesh state of India. In that case, the special animal attracted lot of curious visitors and pilgrims during the mela in Ujjain, a popular religious travel place.

Three Horned Ankole Cow in Uganda?

Coming to the story in question, Twitter user Rubabinda Jr shared the interesting video of three horned cow on 28th December 2019. The Urologist and Cattle Keeper & Breeder, according to her Twitter bio, described the unusual cow as a wonder. She has been sharing many pictures and also some videos of Ankole Long-Horned Cattle of Uganda. We contacted her asking information about the cow and its owner, but did not get any response.

After the video went viral, Ankole Cattle Breeders Society said on Twitter it’s a 3 horned cow and they are searching for the owner. Another Twitter user Gümā responded the owner is a parent to his long time friend. NTV Uganda also shared the short video, adding the authenticity of the video is unconfirmed. On the other hand, horns can in fact grow long in some breed of cattle.

About Long-Horned Ankole Cattle

Long-horned Ankole Cattle are quite popular along Western Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, called Watusi Cattle. In the video below, you can get a glimpse of them. Ankole Cattle are part of an ancient culture, traditions and a symbol of status and wealth in Uganda.

Ankole Cattle descended from the Ethiopian Sanga Cattle. Notably, they can survive in harsh conditions and in fact live on meager pasture, not needing much water. Another notable feature is the large size of horns of the animals bred to produce longhorns and colorful skins. The Longhorns also protect Ankole cattle from predators like Lions, Leopards and Hyenas. Visitors to Uganda and Rwanda are often amazed by the sight of the range and size of Ankole Cattle Horns.

So, as of this writing, the authenticity of the video showing a Three Horned Ankole Cow from Uganda is not known. The video is only 12 seconds long and the origin and purpose of sharing it is not known. We will update when more information on the cow and video is available. Although rare, Cattle are sometimes born with three or even four horns as part of birth defect.

Hoax or Fact:


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