Water Flowing Out of Tree Trunk, Amazing Video: Fact Check

Image of Water Flowing Out of Tree Trunk, Amazing Video
Water Flowing Out of Tree Trunk, Amazing Video


Amazing Videos: Water Flowing Out of Old Tree Trunk

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Fact Check:

Some videos popular online appear to show an amazing and peculiar sight of Water Flowing out from Tree Trunk. While some called it a ‘magic tree,’ others debated if it was natural or some unnatural phenomena. The video is real and shows a natural phenomenon, albeit rare.

Videos of Water Flowing from Tree Trunk

Few similar videos have been doing rounds online for some time and became viral showing water oozing out from such tree barks. Some trees belonging to Terminalia tomentosa species have this remarkable attribute to store water in the dry season. A proportion of the trees in fact store water, the mechanism and ecophysiological significance of which is not clear.

The trees have other names like Crocodile bark tree, Sain or ‘matti’ in India. Forest officials have shared some such videos in the past to surprise viewers. In one video, a forest official hacks the bark of a tree using a sickle following which water can be seen oozing out from it. Another video also showed couple of people drinking the water flowing out from such tree. Officials mentioned the trees can quench thirst in rare circumstances.

Related Video(s)

There’s one more video in circulation showing a tree trunk cut in Karnataka and again water flowing out of it to surprise many bystanders.

The Terminalia tomentosa tree in the video is also called the Oasis of the deciduous forests, native to Southern and Southeast Asia. Only a few of them can retain water in their trunk.

We have come across another video with viewers wondering if it is the same case of water retention inside trees. It is in fact Fluid trapped inside a tree with Heart rot, a fungal disease (infection) causing the decay of wood at the center of the trunk and branches. In this case, the contaminated fluid is not potable and smells bad.

Coming back to the Crocodile bark trees in question, along with water retention peculiarity they are also thought to be fire-resistant. Interestingly, forest folks use it as a source of potable water in the summer. It is also thought to have some medicinal properties. To point out, one user shared the video saying it is a living proof showing importance of trees to sustain water on earth.

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